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Improve your credit score, earn more from your bank and lower your credit card bills with tips in these articles.

Student Loan Debt Increasing Graphic CFPB

The CFPB Annual Report on Student Loans, Consumer Complaints and Debt Relief Scams –...

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) just released its annual report of the Private Education Loan Ombudsman, detailing statistics of complaints relating to...
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Tally Review: Pay down your credit card balances faster

Wealthtender is proud to include innovative financial technology companies like Tally among our advertising partners. Wealthtender features many articles with ideas to help...
Shady businessman holding out pen and contract, with dollar-sign glasses and neckchain.

Don’t get taken by the “Mortgage Accelerator” scam

Mortgage Accelerator Offers Are Bad for Your Financial Health When I bought my first home, the mortgage servicer included a pitch with each monthly statement....

Want to squirrel away a little cash? Try a high-yield savings account

It sometimes seems like savers can’t get a break these days, at least not at their local brick and mortar bank. Interest rates have...
Stack of multicolored credit cards, close up view with selective focus

5 things you need to know about credit cards for your business

As a small-business owner, you need a credit card. Whether it’s to pay for extra memory in that sleek new Galaxy S10 Plus phone,...

Why prepaying your home mortgage is almost always a terrible idea

If you follow such personal finance gurus as Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, and many others, you’ve heard them tell you repeatedly to pay down...
Loan bags, family in a house on balance scale, depicts short term borrowing, high interest rate based on credit profile

Looking for a loan? You’ll need to pass this “five Cs” test first

For many people, getting a loan can be a nerve-racking ordeal. This is especially true for a large loan, such as for buying a...
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Stop using your credit score as an excuse to take on debt

Stop telling yourself you need to take on more debt to "build your credit". There are better ways to improve your credit score.
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Quick hack: Easily figure out your average expenses (and a plausible budget)

Article after article on personal finance exhorts you to create a budget and a financial plan. You’re finally (reluctantly) willing to do it. But if you’re gonna do it, you really want to get it done already.
person holding credit card in front of a laptop

The best (and worst) ways to use your credit cards

Dave Ramsey says “there’s no good reason to have a credit card... responsible use of a credit card doesn’t exist.” Give the lie to his disrespect for your ability to be responsible