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Active ETF Disclosure: Separating Fact From Fiction

  Much has been made of disclosure issues relating to Actively-Managed ETFs. The disclosure related concerns were probably what made the SEC take 2-3 years...
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Active ETFs Do Not Compete with Index ETFs

  When comparisons are made between actively-managed ETFs and their competitors, they are often compared with their passive counterparts. The 4 pillars of the ETF...
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Do Active ETFs Need More Effective Promotion?

  When asked why actively-managed ETFs haven’t taken off as successfully as most people expected, many issuers point to the need for education. It took...
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How Active ETFs Stack Up Against Active Mutual Funds

  Active mutual funds faced their first stern challenge when indexing started gaining ground and investors started putting money into passive strategies through index ETFs...
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How Fully-Transparent Active ETFs are Being Managed Effectively

  The daily transparency required of actively-managed ETFs in the US has been one of the main selling points of these new products, while at...
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Where Active ETFs Do Not Make Sense

  With the number of players entering the Active ETF arena turning from a drip into an outright flood, we are likely to see a...
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Active ETFs: A Conversation with Rob Ivanoff

  In May 2010, ActiveETFs | InFocus spoke with Rob Ivanoff, who is the Director of Research at Financial Products Research (FPR). Rob’s work and commentary...
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Active ETFs: Next Evolutionary Step for ETFs – Ed McRedmond

In March 2010, ActiveETFs | InFocus spoke with – Ed McRedmond, Senior Vice President of Institutional & Portfolio Strategies at Invesco PowerShares. Invesco PowerShares...
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Active ETFs: Low Volume Active ETFs Are Not “Illiquid” – Paul Weisbruch

In May 2010, ActiveETFs | InFocus spoke with Paul Weisbruch, who is the VP of ETF/Index Sales and Trading at Street One Financial. Street...
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Active ETFs: A Conversation with Patrick Daugherty, Partner at Foley & Lardner

In August 2010, ActiveETFs | InFocus spoke with Patrick Daugherty, who is a partner at Foley & Lardner LLP, which is a highly regarded...