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Ideas for investing to help your money earn more with less stress.

a couple looking at papers considering whether to buy or rent a house

Should You buy or rent a house?

A deeper dive into a familiar question by someone who has rented, purchased, and rented out properties. Here are some critical points missed by many analyses
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Five Free Resources to Help You Invest Like a Pro

You don’t need to wait until some magical moment in the future to start becoming knowledgeable about investing. Even if you only have a small amount to invest (or are years away from making your first investment), you can jumpstart the process just by familiarizing yourself with some basic terms and concepts.
hands holding a calculator reviewing investment documents

Beginning to invest? Here’s how to get started

I’ve been focused on educating readers about investing and I will continue to do so. Sharing what I’ve learned through studying, research and my...
Businessman holding tablet and showing a growing virtual hologram of statistics, graph and chart with arrow up on dark background

My ten rules for investing

Work for money, save some of that money, invest your savings to then make money. The instructions themselves are straightforward and clear as to...
frustrated stressed man desperate with financial market graphic going down

My three biggest investing mistakes

The more I learn about investing the more I’m able to identify my own mistakes, why I made those mistakes and how I can...
hands typing on a keyboard with calculator

The investing advantage

Last week a friend told me she didn’t know if she’d ever be able to retire. She went to school, has a good job...
iPhone display showing stock quotes investing

The one percent difference

When I say ‘one percent’ out loud, it really doesn’t sound like a lot. The most common experience people have with 1% making a difference...
dog looking at computer as if he is a new investor

New to investing? Avoid these mistakes

When anyone gets started with investing the first thought is usually about getting rich quick and never having to worry about money again. It’s...
a hand throwing dice in the air as if to suggest speculation not investing

Investing vs Speculation

First off, I want to set something straight. I do have money in speculative stocks. I don’t believe I can properly inform and educate...
a couple sits across the table from their financial advisor

What you need to know about your investments

It seems to me that people take their investments for granted. In the sense that most people default to the conclusion that their money...