Exterior of a 3D printed home by ICON

Could the next house you buy cost less than a used car?

Austin-based startup, ICON, built the first permitted 3D printed home in America. Photo courtesy ICON. In the world of alternative housing, probably nothing seems more...
person using a pen writing on paper with a chart

Why it’s Important to Track Your Net Worth

Your net worth is equal to all your assets minus all your liabilities. If your assets exceed your liabilities, you have a positive net worth. If your assets are less than your liabilities, you have a negative net worth.

Ready to cut your grocery bill in half? These 4 tips can help

Food is the average families third largest expense, behind housing and transportation. Given how big of an expense it is, and how easily we can control this expense I have decided to dedicate more time discussing our food budget.
Cartoon image of man reaching for money flying away

Chasing a salary does not lead to wealth

Income is the amount indicated on your paycheck, that you use to establish a kind of lifestyle. While wealth is the length of time,...
woman and a white tiger sitting together on a rock

If You Want to be Wealthy, Choose Your Friends Carefully

Thomas Corley, the author of Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, spent five years studying the activities of wealthy people.  During his...
couple eating in a restaurant toasting wine

Check, please! Is eating out worth it?

We all know we should cook more meals at home. We acknowledge it would be better for our health and better for our finances if we cooked more of our meals at home, but we don’t. We are only human, so as much as we declare our intention to cook more and eat out less, we rarely follow through.
two hands holding a credit card

Stop using your credit score as an excuse to take on debt

Stop telling yourself you need to take on more debt to "build your credit". There are better ways to improve your credit score.

You’re probably using your HSA all wrong

I know I was. If you have a Health Savings Account ("HSA"), then hopefully you already know the basics: It's not use it or lose...

Hiding from debt? Here’s how to stop.

"I’d give you a straight answer about what is, but to do that I’d have to look straight at it. And I don’t...
person holding credit card in front of a laptop

The best (and worst) ways to use your credit cards

Dave Ramsey says “there’s no good reason to have a credit card... responsible use of a credit card doesn’t exist.” Give the lie to his disrespect for your ability to be responsible