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What are the odds you’ll lose your job to a robot? This Oxford study...

In a move that caused advertising writers around the world (or at least in Facebook groups) to utter a collective gasp, Chase Bank recently...
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The best (and worst) ways to use your credit cards

Dave Ramsey says “there’s no good reason to have a credit card... responsible use of a credit card doesn’t exist.” Give the lie to his disrespect for your ability to be responsible

Four signs you’re carrying too much debt

There are a lot of reasons we take on debt. From student loans to medical expenses, mortgages and car loans, it’s rare to meet...
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Stop using your credit score as an excuse to take on debt

Stop telling yourself you need to take on more debt to "build your credit". There are better ways to improve your credit score.
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Make a massive difference in your life through 1% changes

Archimedes once said, “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” Making the right choices consistently will move your world.
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Achieve financial freedom by asking yourself this before buying anything significant

Every day, you make lots and lots of financial choices. Do I buy that shirt? Shoes? TV? Car? House? If yes, which one? This one question will help you make the right choice.

Making the leap to a freelance career? Do these 4 things first

More people than ever are making the transition from working for an employer to working freelance. The 5th Annual “Freelancing in America Study” estimates...
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Want to Retire in 10 Years? Here is What You Need to Do

Anyone who reads Mr. Money Moustache knows that the math behind early retirement is shockingly simple; The more of your take-home pay that you save, the earlier you will reach financial independence and be able to retire.
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Pro tips for reaching early financial independence

Saving Now Saves Your Future Self Twice You’ve heard before that you have to set money aside — money for emergencies, for buying a car or...
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Drop App Review: Earn Cash Back On Your Daily Spending

Wealthtender is proud to include innovative financial technology companies like Drop among our advertising partners. Wealthtender features many articles with ideas to help...