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Wealthtender Community Connect

What is Wealthtender Community Connect?

Wealthtender Community Connect is the first influencer marketing platform created exclusively for the financial services industry offering financial advisors and wealth management firms opportunities to compliantly reach millions of Americans interested in improving their financial well-being.

Since its launch in 2019, Wealthtender has welcomed the owners of hundreds of blogs and podcasts into its growing community of financial professionals and educators. Collectively, these blogs and podcasts (the Wealthtender Influencer Network) reach millions of devoted readers and listeners each month looking for financial education and guidance in their areas of interest.

Financial advisors and wealth management firms participating in Wealthtender Community Connect gain unique opportunities to compliantly grow their business and attract their ideal clients. Blog and podcast owners enjoy new ways to monetize their traffic while introducing their community of fans and followers to financial professionals who may be a good fit.

How does Wealthtender Community Connect work?

Participating blog and podcast owners add an embeddable Community Connect Widget to their website on pages of their choosing. Within the borders of this widget, Wealthtender displays and manages all featured content in a format designed for regulatory compliance with SEC and FINRA requirements.

Blog and podcast owners determine the monthly cost for financial professionals to be featured within the Community Connect Widget on their platform with an option to establish eligibility criteria based on an advisor’s credentials, areas of specialization and other factors they believe are important for their audience.

Once a connection is established between an eligible financial advisor and a financial influencer, Wealthtender refreshes the Community Connect Widget to display information about the advisor to blog and podcast visitors who can click within the widget to learn more about the featured advisor.

How much does it cost to participate?

Wealthtender Community Connect is a cost-effective influencer marketing platform with flexible pricing to accommodate any budget. Participating blog and podcast owners establish the number of monthly credits required for financial advisors to be featured on their platform. The cost of each credit is $5 with 85% of this revenue paid to participating blog and podcast owners quarterly, with the remaining 15% of revenue retained by Wealthtender to help offset the cost of administering the platform.

Blog and podcast owners can set the monthly cost as low as 1 credit and can adjust their pricing once per calendar quarter with 90 days advance notice.

Each month, financial advisors with a paid Wealthtender subscription plan enjoy access to Wealthtender Community Connect as follows:

  • Elite Plan: Access to Wealthtender Community Connect – 1 Credit ($5 value) included with subscription – Additional credits available for purchase
  • Growth Plan: Access to Wealthtender Community Connect – Additional credits available for purchase
  • Starter Plan: Upgrade to Growth or Elite required to access Wealthtender Community Connect

Financial advisors can request additional credits from Wealthtender at a cost of $5 per credit which will be charged to their credit card on file.

I’m a financial advisor. How do I get started?

It’s easy to get started. First, login to your Wealthtender account if you haven’t already. Then, simply scroll down this page to discover financial influencers in the Wealthtender community ready to help you grow your business. You can view more information about each financial influencer, their audience, eligibility criteria and the number of credits to be featured by clicking on the Connect with… button.

When you find a financial influencer whose audience is a good fit for your business, simply submit the form visible to you on their profile page and you’re all set! Next, simply return to the list of participating blogs and podcasts and repeat the process for any additional influencers whose audiences you’d like to reach.

Within one business day, Wealthtender will charge your credit card on file based on the total Wealthtender Community Connect credits you owe for the first month, less any credit(s) included with your subscription plan. Each month, you’ll automatically pay any owed credits through a recurring monthly charge of your credit card on file. You can cancel anytime or adjust your spending on Wealthtender Community Connect on a monthly basis.

I’m a blog or podcast owner. How do I sign up?

Thanks for your interest in Wealthtender Community Connect! Please send an email to so we can discuss next steps.