Michelle Gordon, CETF®

You only get one life. Make it a great one.

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Investably Michelle Gordon, CETF®
Bethesda, Maryland

Serving Clients Nationwide

You only get one life. Make it a great one.

Areas of Focus

  • Employee Benefits
  • Financial Life Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Women & Wealth

About Me

Hi, I'm Michelle Gordon. As a STEVIE Award-winning financial professional with 15 years on the inside of the industry’s leading asset management and brokerage firms and with over 20,000 consults under my belt, I launched Investably to use my knowledge and expertise to support busy professionals, small businesses, and pre-retirees in building a compelling financial future by combining holistic strategies + aligned investments to support you and your employees.

I founded Investably LLC out of my desire to make an impact in people’s lives and with a philosophy that the value of our life is more than our net worth and our balance sheet but rather the memories we create, the experience we share with loved ones, and the impact we create for our loved ones or others. I am most interested in my clients big dreams they want to create for themselves and their family.

As the daughter of immigrants, I grew up understanding firsthand what it meant to not have the benefits of advice on financial planning and investments, of lacking ‘generational wealth’ and being a trailblazer, as well as the impact of lacking workplace retirement solutions for many families. In doing so, this experience created in me a passion for developing a deep understanding of wealth creation engines, but also for sharing my expertise to help people, particularly women, minorities, and first-generation professionals to create generational wealth for their families and for small business to help their employees' financial well-being.

For that reason, I was 'that' teenager creating cashflow budgets, mapping out early retirement and real estate acquisition strategies, and opening a retirement account at 19. No surprise I pursued a career in investments and financial planning.

Over the past 15 years, I have seen how the lack of holistic and independent financial advice can result in irreparable and costly mistakes. As an independent and holistic advisor, I am free from proprietary products and cookie-cutter solutions, and can provide my clients with independent holistic advice that goes beyond investments to help address their whole financial picture. My compensation is transparent and I earn a fee for my services. In doing so, my mission is to help you make sound financial and investment decisions that helps you to build wealth over time and feel financially secure in experiencing your personal life goals and retirement.

More importantly, I firmly believe in the value of living your life with intention. One of my favorite quotes is ‘Life is not a dress rehearsal’. I find this quote a powerful reminder to make the most of your life count because the one thing we cannot buy back is our lifetime. All the more reasons that I see the importance of being intentional with money, such as having a solid financial plan and investments to support your life goals, so you can have flexibility and control to design your life.

Particularly, as a mom, wife, daughter, sister-in-law, aunt, and friend, I understand and can empathize with the universal challenges and concerns women and their families face. Recent years have highlighted the critical role that we play and the value we bring to others. It also highlighted the importance of having financial security and the value of independent advice on navigating life changes to help you 'quiet the noise' and stay the course through turbulent waters.

When I’m not helping others financially, I spend time with my life’s joy: my family. As a history buff, life-learner, and wanderlust, I enjoy traveling to faraway places to experience different cultures steeped in history and whenever possible, create new family memories on white sandy beaches. While at home, you can often find me enjoying a family movie night, enjoying something Italian, or learning something new.

Professional Designations

  • Certified ETF Advisor (CETF)


  • 100 Women in Finance
  • Financial Planning Association
  • Women in ETFs

Primary Location

7200 Wisconsin Ave suite 500, Bethesda, MD 20814, USA

Meeting Options

  • Video Conference
  • In-Person
  • Phone
  • Group Classes

Compensation Methods

  • Flat Fee
  • Hourly Rate
  • One-time Financial Plan
  • Percentage of Assets Managed
  • Subscription

What to expect in the first meeting

Click the 'Book Intro Call' button above to schedule an individual intro call with a free financial snapshot. This 30-minute intro call is for individuals interested in getting support with financial planning or investment management to create a compelling financial future. As a value-add for your time in meeting with me, I would like to provide you with a Free Personalized Financial Snapshot during our call that can address how on track you are towards retirement and other key financial measures and what is important to you. To receive your Free Personalized Financial Snapshot, complete your Discovery Questionnaire available when you click the button above. If completed, we will review the results together on our call and you will have access to your personalized PDF shortly after our call. Camera is optional. Feel free to do what is most comfortable for you.

Offers Investment Management


About our Firm

Financial Planning | Retirement Income Planning | Small Business 401K Advisory | Investment Advisory

Bethesda, Maryland-based independent registered investment advisory firm.

Investably LLC is a modern, inclusive, and largely remote-practice RIA with a client experience focused on combining holistic strategies + aligned investments to support you in creating a compelling financial future and generational wealth.

✅ Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) Firm: Adhering to fiduciary standards as an independent investment advisor.

✅ Remote Practice: Client meetings are mostly virtual and can work with clients where exemption allows

✅ Altruist Custodian: Clients can access RIA exclusive custodian Altruist, including with low minimum direct indexing options.

✅ Fee-For-Service: Transparent financial planning, investment management, and small business 401K advisory compensation. Project & Hourly available

✅ Micro-planning available for single subject topics

✅ Inclusive Practice: No asset minimums required to engage in service. Proud to support women, minorities, First-gen professionals, and LGBTQ.

Investably LLC works with three main client groups:

Busy Professionals:
Interested in a deep holistic collaboration that supports your entire financial journey of creating a compelling financial future and retirement.

Our holistic approach includes aligning your investments with all financial matters of importance to you, such as retirement income strategy, financial planning for the big moments in life like paying for kids colleges, inheriting assets, planning to acquire real estate or businesses, understanding your 'what-if' estate plans, or reaching financial independence. Your big picture should be easy to understand, follow, and implement, so your time is spent with the people and the experiences that matter most to you.

Small Business Owners:
Interested in a creating greater access to wealth building solutions for themselves and their employees.

I advise on small business retirement plans or finding a more compliant and cost-effective retirement solution that may support your firms employees'. Beyond retirement, I am passionate about the value of financial wellness and education to help your employees' understand and use their retirement solutions. Doing so may support your employee retention efforts and business growth plans.

Pre-Retirees or Newly Retirees:
Wanting to design a retirement income strategy or have concerns about their financial security and ability to retire comfortably without running out of money.

It excites me to help my clients create a plan, including understanding their social security and tax profile, that prepares them for the next exciting chapter of their lives. In addition, understanding what their generational wealth goals are to support their loved ones or preferred charities. Whether retiring at 50, 60, or 70, I’m happy supporting clients desiring to live life intentionally and making the best of their next chapter.

As part of my mission of helping to reduce the wealth gap, micro planning is available for new graduates and young professionals in need of creating a financial and investment structure to support their future wealth building plans as they start making big life financial decisions and are growing their families.


New York University Bachelor of Arts, Dual Degree. Licensed Series 65 Investment Advisor. Licensed Life Insurance. Certified ETF Advisor (CETF®). Previously licensed Series 3, 7, 63, and 24 General Securities Principal.

Volunteer Experience

My desire to help people and for spreading good is a grounding force. My ‘Do Good’ philosophy is deeply rooted from my childhood experiences of preparing clothing drive with my grandmother to send to third world countries and continued evident by my prior work in support of Human Rights Watch, Safe Horizon Domestic Violence Law Project and 7 years served as a Board member of a RICA Association, Inc., a private non-profit 501(c)(3), that provides support and fund for children and adolescents, ages 10-18, with severe emotional disabilities.

Awards and Honors

  • 2012 Silver Stevie Award Winner for Financial Services Front-Line Customer Service Professional of the Year



  • English
  • Spanish

Hobbies and Interests

  • Beach
  • Dancing
  • Entertaining
  • Family
  • Golf
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Reading
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Theater
  • Traveling

Who We Serve

  • Attorneys
  • Baby Boomers
  • Blended Family
  • Business Owners
  • Caregivers
  • College Graduates
  • College Students
  • Corporate Executives
  • Couples
  • Divorce
  • Dual Income Family
  • Educators
  • Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE)
  • Foreign-Born Individuals
  • Gen X
  • Gen Y / Millennials
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Immigrants
  • Intergenerational Families
  • Investors
  • Living in Retirement
  • Military
  • Newly Engaged / Newlywed
  • Parents
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Remote Workers
  • Single Women
  • Widow
  • Women in Transition
  • Women Professionals
  • Women’s Finance
  • Young Families

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