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$97 Lifetime Deal for
Financial Coaches

For a limited time, financial coaches can sign up to join Wealthtender with a lifetime deal that includes all the benefits of a Financial Coach Growth Plan for a single payment of just $97 (regular price: $29/month).

Over a 5-year period,
you’ll save more than $1,600 dollars!

This offer is guaranteed available today until 11:59 PM CST. We reserve the right to cancel this offer with no further notice anytime thereafter.

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This offer is guaranteed available today until 11:59 PM CST. We reserve the right to cancel this offer with no further notice anytime thereafter.

Why Join Today?

By joining our highly-respected community of financial coaches and counselors on Wealthtender, you’re making a smart investment in your practice to:

  • Gain new coaching clients who contact you from your profile page (appointments can be scheduled from your page when you link your calendar)
  • Build trust and recognition by collecting reviews from your past clients to attract new coaching clients
  • Earn your Wealthtender Five-Star Financial Coach award once you receive three 5-star reviews and maintain a 4.5 star overall rating
  • Get featured in the Wealthtender Guide to Top Financial Coaches and get noticed by thousands of visitors to wealthtender.com each month
  • Increase your search engine optimization (SEO) that can help rank your coaching website higher in Google search results
  • And more!

🌟 Grow Your Coaching Practice
with Online Reviews

You know your online reputation matters and reviews written by your current and past clients can be a very powerful tool to grow your coaching business. What you may not know is how to get started. How will you ask your coaching clients to write a review? Beyond current and past clients, should you ask peers and others who know you well to do the same? And how will you promote your reviews to grow your business? 

Instantly download this 24-page playbook for answers to these questions and learn how top financial coaches on Wealthtender are attracting new clients with their online reviews.

Get to Know Financial Coaches in the Wealthtender Community

When you join Wealthtender, you’ll be in good company with several highly respected financial coaches and counselors in our community of financial professionals and educators. We’re also proud to recognize the credentials you’ve earned, such as the Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC) designation held by several coaches and counselors featured on Wealthtender.

Below you’ll find profile preview cards for a few of the financial coaches and counselors featured on Wealthtender. Click a preview card to view their full profile page.

“Marriage and money isn’t only about combining finances (or not!). It’s also about your shared goals like buying a home, traveling, retirement, debt, etc. I’ll help you make a plan you can both follow!” – Kelley Long

“If you and your spouse find it difficult to handle tasks such as budgeting, paying off debt, earning more income, and have a true desire to thrive with your money, then financial coaching is for you.” – Danielle Davis

“Open communication inspires trust. Learn how to speak about money as a team.” – Rick Zwelling

“One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Take the steps today to keep money disagreements out of your marriage!” – Dawn Torres-Gale

Your Questions Answered

Why are you offering this lifetime deal?

We recognize many financial coaches and counselors operate on a tight budget. After all, helping clients build and live within a thoughtful budget is what you do! We decided to make this lifetime deal available for a limited time to help you reinvest in your business without busting your budget.

We also believe the best way for us to attract more financial coaches and counselors to join Wealthtender is to demonstrate the value we can deliver to you! We’re confident you’ll be glad you signed up and hope your experience will rub off on other coaches and counselors who choose to follow in your footsteps.

What happens after I claim my lifetime deal?

Once you choose your preferred payment method, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can begin to customize your profile page. It’s easy! The experience is similar to updating your LinkedIn profile.

We encourage you to spend 10-15 minutes personalizing your page to help people who visit your profile learn more about you to help them decide if you’re a good fit. If you use a calendar tool (e.g. Calendly), we suggest linking your calendar so people can schedule an introductory call directly with you.

You’ll also receive a series of short onboarding emails over the first week with more information to help you make the most of your Wealthtender experience. And if you have questions, simply email yourfriends@wealthtender.com anytime or get your questions answered in our community you’ll gain access to when you join.

Have additional questions?

We’re happy to help! Send an email to yourfriends@wealthtender.com with your questions and we’ll be in touch right away.