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Brian Thorp Founder Wealthtender

Hi! I’m Brian. Yes, the guy in this picture trying to look cool on a hot day in Houston. 😅

Thanks for checking out what we’re building at Wealthtender!

If I didn’t get to meet you in person at my first FinCon in Washington, D.C. last year, I look forward to seeing you in Long Beach this fall. And I just signed Wealthtender up to be an exhibitor which is especially exciting! Now the question is, what swag should we giveaway that you’ll actually want to take home? 😀

You may be wondering what Wealthtender is all about. In short, it’s all about you!

I believe there’s no substitute for the human touch when it comes to helping people with money matters. And that’s exactly what you do everyday sharing your unique insights and life experience with your fans and followers.

My goal is for Wealthtender to become a trusted online resource that helps everyone, no matter their income or stage of life, discover the best financial professionals and educators who can help them improve their financial well-being.

Along the way, I want to help you reach more people, build your brand and grow your business.  I’m also eager to partner with you this summer if you’re open to advertising opportunities or interested in joining our affiliate program to help us promote Wealthtender.

By signing up today, you’ll have a front row seat as a founding member to benefit from everything we have planned as we launch this summer. You’ll find additional information on our benefits page for blog owners, podcast owners and course creators. (And if you’re a financial advisor or coach interested in joining as we expand the platform this summer, please send me an email and I’ll follow up with a special offer.)

Most importantly, I want to earn your trust and ensure the benefits you gain by signing up with Wealthtender exceed your expectations. I’ll be working every day to provide the value you deserve.

I would love to jump on a call if you’re interested in learning more and so I can learn more about you. Please call me any time at (512) 856-5406 or reach me by email at brian@wealthtender.com.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Brian, Wealthtender Founder

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PS – On a more personal note, I spent 22 years working for Invesco, a global asset management firm. It was a great ride, but after two decades and with the support of my amazing wife, I decided to take a chance on life outside the cubicle. And I have many of you to thank for inspiring me! I wanted to start a business that helps people enjoy life more with less money stress and the idea for Wealthtender was born.

I live in Houston, but Austin is my happy place. If you’re in the ‘hood, let me know and let’s get together soon! I’d love to meet up over tacos, a hot coffee or a cold beer. I wonder if FinCon would let me give away tacos as swag in Long Beach? 😋