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I love reading and learning. I always have a book with me. So when I have a few minutes, I am trying more to read rather than stare at my phone.

Through reading, you can learn about a lot of different entrepreneurs and what they credit their success to. For some people, it was an inspiration, a leap of faith, a close call that paid off, reading, or sticking to a routine every day. I don’t think there’s a black and white, right or wrong approach. For every person, it’s kind of up to us to figure ourselves out. It’s up to us to figure out what works best for us. What drives and inspires us.

For me, the thing that helps me out in my business endeavors and my personal life is having a to-do list. I created a checked note on my phone, and I just stick to it. When I want to remember to do something (like write this article) I add it to the list. When I complete a task (like writing this article), I check it off and see what else I can do. It’s a really simple concept, and it’s really easy to do. Plus, since everything is on my phone I usually always have it with me. My Key to Success is My To-Do List.

If something is too complicated, we often give up. When something is simple, it doesn’t require a lot of effort to build a habit around it. Then we stick to it, almost unconsciously.

Here are some of my favorite advantages of having a to-do list, and how it helps me out.

Never Forget Again

Having a to-do list works for a lot of reasons. Maybe the most straight forward being, that you don’t forget about things. How many times have you had an idea, think ‘I won’t forget about this’ only to find yourself reflecting on the day wondering ‘what was that idea?!’. It happens to me more often than I’d like to admit. It’s very frustrating.

So no matter what the idea is, I add it to my to-do list, and it never gets forgotten about. Even if I can’t get to it right away, it’s still there. So when I do have the time, I can get it done.

Keep Your Momentum Going

I never delete anything from my to-do list. An item added to it will stay on, even after I complete it. When stress is high, and there’s a ton of things to do, it can seem really overwhelming. And actually having a to-do list with a lot of progress made (items accomplished) can be motivating and inspiring.

Seeing the progress I’ve already made helps me feel like I can still do more. It’s kind of like a self motto that I use: ‘you’ve been through worse’. It’s a reassurance that no matter how bad or stressful I think things are in the moment, I’ll get through it. Whatever I need to do, won’t be a problem. It’s just a matter of doing it. Seeing the progress I’ve already made, and the things I’ve already accomplished helps keep me moving in the right direction.

Stay Accountable

When I have a list of things to do, I’m more likely to do them. When I complete tasks, it feels great to check them off and move onto the next one. Until I do complete it, it always stays on the list staring back at me. So even if I don’t complete the task right away, it’s always on my radar. I don’t forget about it, and it quietly waits patiently for me.

I know that as long as the list exists, the things on them will get done.

Track Your Progress

Let’s say that you wake up and you don’t have a to-do list for the day. You’re still going to accomplish things throughout the day. I like to add things to my to-do list as I do them, especially if I have a slow day ahead. That way, even on a slow day I can still look back and see the progress I have made.

Throughout the day you’ll have lots of ideas and things to add to your list too. So trying to stick with it and get in the habit of using the to-do list will make things easier for you moving forward.

In the end, I think a to-do list will help you accomplish your goals easier. You won’t forget your ideas, or what you have to do. You’ll be able to keep momentum by moving from one completed task to the next. Staying accountable will become easier as you go. And you can track the progress you’ve made along the way.

Every single day we all do a lot of things, a lot of productive things. But there are days where we fee like we’ve done nothing at all. Having a to-do list can help you keep a positive and productive mindset. Especially since a lot of us are in self-isolation or away from our usual ways of life.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is not intended to encourage any lifestyle changes without careful consideration and consultation with a qualified professional. This article is for reference purposes only, is generic in nature, is not intended as individual advice and is not financial or legal advice.

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