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Wake Up with Wealthtender: August 14, 2020

By  Wealthtender HQ

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Good morning, rock stars.

Today we’re introducing you to several personal finance blogs that recently joined the Wealthtender directory. Is heavy metal your thing? We’ve got just the blog for you! And several other finance blogs we think you’ll enjoy.

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Which rock band has the longest-running fan club? 👇

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We think you’ll enjoy this curated selection of articles from Wealthtender Financial Network partners.

🤘 Schoolhouse Rock

“In real life, when I’m not a heavy metal musician blogging about personal finance, I’m a school librarian at a public elementary school.” The show must go on, so if you’re an educator returning to the classroom this fall, consider this rockin’ teacher’s recommendations to best prepare for the uncertainties ahead. [Metalhead Money]

👷‍♂️ Under Construction

With 14 years experience in the construction industry, Jared is on the path to retire by 45 while he and his wife bring up two young boys. If owning rental property is part of your retirement plan as well, can you apply these lessons he’s learned from being a landlord? [30Sum]

🗽 Immigrant Dream

Arriving in the US from a third world country with just $1,000, John accumulated over $2 Million in just 12 years. His secret? It starts with investing in yourself and in this article, he helps us understand how to gain the most value from our most significant asset. [Financial Freedom Countdown]

👮‍♂️ First Responder Finances

While serving as a sworn law enforcement officer for over 16 years, Ryan has bounced back from a foreclosure of his house in 2009 to paying off his current mortgage in just five years as a family of five and on a single income. [Arrest Your Debt]

🌎 It’s an Online World

What started as a side project two years ago for this 23 year old college student from Toronto, Tom’s blog now reaches 50,000 readers each month. If you’re looking for ideas to make money online, this article has been shared over 700 times for a reason. [This Online World]

👩‍🏫 Just Ask Barbara

With experience as a portfolio manager, college professor, author and CFO, Barbara Friedberg decided to add online educator to the list through her blog that teaches professionals how to invest and build wealth. With over 500 articles, here are a few all-time faves. [Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance]

⏳ Forties & Free

Five years ago in their early 40s, Dylin and Allison retired and have never looked back. How did they do it? Even if your forties are in the rear-view mirror, there’s great wisdom in their writing that’s worth the read. [Retire by 45]

💻 Let’s Get Digital 

When Jeff isn’t listening to Duran Duran, you may find him looking for extraordinary technology tools to help us improve our finances in today’s not so ordinary world. Is your favorite fintech app included in his growing directory? [FinTech Freedom]

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👉 Which rock band has the longest-running fan club? Queen. The Official International Queen Fan Club has been in existence for over 40 years.

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