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Good morning.

Google is pretty smart, right? 🧠

We’re used to typing a single word (or just a couple letters!) in an online search to find Google already knows what we’re thinking. 🔮

But pull up your browser and type the word budget into Google. 💻

Actually, it’s Friday, so we’ll make this easy for you: 👉 budget

Are you surprised by the search results? Did Google guess right?

Perhaps they know us well enough to know budgeting isn’t a priority for most people, but after Google reads today’s newsletter, your next search for the word budget might just display many of today’s recommended reads and listens on page 1. 👏

(And maybe tomorrow we’ll see what Alexa and Siri have to say… We’re just too afraid to ask.) 🤫

Friday Trivia: Where is the world’s loneliest ATM machine located? 👇

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The Wealthtender Guide to Frugal & Budget Blogs

Do you get excited when you check the mail and find an envelope filled with coupons? You’re not alone! Those savings can add up quickly to help keep your household budget under control.

But do you know all the best tips and tricks to live frugally and within a budget while still enjoying life? Fortunately, there are lots of great frugal living and budget blogs written by people passionate about helping you learn from their own experiences and lifestyle choices. [View the Guide]

This Week’s Reads & Listens

Enjoy this curated selection of content from Wealthtender Financial Network partners.

🤔 Budget? Why Bother?

Budgeting isn’t about feeling enslaved to your money, but just the opposite. “As I began to track my spending, I discovered that having control came with three other major benefits.” [Occam Investing]

👛 What’s the Purpose of a Budget?

“There is peace of mind knowing that your budget is working to make your life better. To provide freedom from debt so that you can live your best life.” Learn more about the 5 purposes of a budget. [Budgeting Faithfully]

💑 Can a Budget Save Your Marriage?

In this article, learn 9 surprising advantages of budgeting your money. And how slush money might even help you make it ’til death do us part.  [Money Bliss]

💲 7 Steps to Make a Budget

Could Bella’s 7 step guide to creating a budget be the roadmap you’re looking for to build your own? [Bella Wanana]

👵 You’re Never Too Old to Budget

Budgeting at a younger age can mean having more to spend when you’re older. But for seniors living on a fixed income, budgeting becomes even more important. Learn how to create a smart budget for seniors. [Dividend Power]

0️⃣ Starting with Zero

The basic idea with a zero based budget is to give every dollar you make a job or responsibility. Is a zero based budget right for you? [Mr. Jamie Griffin]

🟨 Hate Spreadsheets? Like Highlighters?

So many people are intimidated by budgeting. But don’t worry! The highlighter budget method is perfect for those who hate spreadsheets. [Money in Your Tea

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👉 Friday Trivia: Where is the world’s loneliest ATM machine located? In 1998, Wells Fargo installed an ATM at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, perfect if you’re looking for cold, hard cash. 🙄

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