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Love will be in the air this weekend. And you’ll find love in our newsletter today.

Whether you’re just starting out in a new relationship or celebrating decades together with your Valentine this Sunday, enjoy this week’s recommended reads and listens with tips to grow richer, not poorer.

Friday Trivia: In what year did Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown first air?  👇

Is Combining Finances After Marriage Right For You?

The BIG DAY has finally arrived. Guests arrive, the wedding party is ready, and every final detail is complete! All that’s left is to say “I Do!”

Actually, getting married is only the beginning of building your life together. And one of the most important parts of starting your marriage is learning how to handle your finances, and work together on how best to manage your money.

So, whether you plan on combining your finances after marriage or maintaining separate accounts, this guide reveals the pros and cons of each approach. You’ll also learn the benefits of working with a financial coach or financial advisor, or what to consider if you prefer to do it yourself.

Already married? Just like renewing your vows, it’s worth reading this article to consider if the way you approach your finances as a couple is worth reviewing and renewing, too.

(Read or listen to this article

Enjoy this curated selection of articles from Wealthtender Financial Network partners.

🙈 Relationship Money Mistakes to Avoid in Your 20s

Whether you’re in your 20s or have teens approaching theirs, a top money mistake to sidestep is settling into a relationship with a financially irresponsible partner. [Money Mini Blog]

💳 Is Debt a Relationship Deal Breaker?

You’ve been seeing someone for quite some time and one day find out that they have an enormous amount of debt. Do you call it quits or try to work it out? [Making Sense of Cents]

💕 7 Money Moves for Couples

Whether or not you choose to combine your finances, the advice in this article will help you grow richer together as you grow older together. [Budget Savvy Bride]

🙉 Myths About Marriage

After six years of marriage, Grace learned it’s a mix of magical moments, mundane moments, and some frustrating and disappointing moments as well. Here are a few myths about marriage she believed on her wedding day but now knows to be simply not true. [Grace Pomroy]

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In this interview with Clint Edwards, listen in as host Andy Hill and Clint discuss the conundrum of loving and hating your kids in the same day. [Marriage, Kids and Money]

💔 Financial Challenges Upon Losing a Spouse

In this interview with host Jen Hemphill, Ramona Rice shares her experience of losing her spouse unexpectedly and its impact on her finances. Her story will inspire you with both tears and a few smiles along the way. [Her Money Matters]

🏡 The Value of a Stay-at-Home Spouse

In this episode, host John Pugliano recounts raising six children with his wife and what they learned when one parent has lost their income and stays home to raise the children. [Wealthsteading]

 🤗 Intentional Relationships

Whether it’s a relationship with your parents, kids, friends or colleagues, host Rocky Lalvani discusses the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people and helping others to lead a fulfilling life. [Richer Soul]

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👉 Friday Trivia: In what year did ‘Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown’ first air? The animated special first appeared on CBS in 1975, the 13th prime-time animated television special based on the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz. 

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