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Good morning.

If you were hoping for commentary on this week’s market madness, we’re sorry to disappoint. 🎰 

But if you’re looking for smart financial planning tips from smart women, we’ve got you covered! 👏🏽

So turn off CNBC, close your Robinhood app and enjoy today’s reads and listens. You’ll be glad you did.

Friday Trivia: If you were born the opposite sex, how much longer or shorter could you expect to live?   👇

Financial Planning for Women

Having confidence in your financial situation as a woman will help you stress less and enjoy life more regardless of where life takes you. 

In this article, we explore financial planning for women throughout stages of life many women or their friends may encounter over the course of a lifetime.

(Read this article

Enjoy this curated selection of articles from Wealthtender Financial Network partners.

👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏼 You’re Not Alone

Women often feel it’s a personal failing that they are not more knowledgeable and confident about money — nothing could be further from the truth! [Sofia Financial]

💸 3 Truths About Women’s Finance

It’s a nice gesture to receive a free drink or dinner every once in a while, but it doesn’t justify the inequality in women’s finances just about everywhere else. [Tis But a Moment]

💰 6 Ways to Build Wealth as a Woman of Color

To build wealth as a woman of color, it’s not enough to just focus on making money. It’s about building your NET WORTH. [Yo Quiero Dinero]

4 Ways Women Can Own Their Financial Power

Regardless of your certainty (or lack thereof) of your life choices so far and the future you’re embarking upon, there are financial moves that you can make to keep your options open as you navigate this time of tremendous opportunity for young women. [Kelley Long | Wealthtender]

Women & Money Survey

In the fall of 2020, this survey of more than 2,500 women describes how women really think and feel about the state of their finances while navigating the global pandemic. [Clever Girl Finance]

Listen to This

Recent podcast and YouTube shows from Wealthtender Financial Network partners you should listen to next.

👩🏾‍🏫 From Harlem to Hawaii

Growing up in the projects in the 1960s, Sheila Netti knew at an early age she wanted to achieve financial freedom. After retiring at 55 and traveling the world, she decided it was time to teach professional women how they can follow in her footsteps. [Take Back Retirement]

👩🏽‍💼 Open for Business

Thinking of starting your own business? In this interview with Sylvia Inks, you’ll learn when it’s financially safe to leave your corporate job and the the top mistakes Sylvia has seen many business owners make. [Her Dinero Matters]

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👉 Friday Trivia: If you were born the opposite sex, how much longer or shorter could you expect to live?  It depends on your date of birth and if you trust the government statistics, but you can quickly find out by visiting this calculator offered by the Social Security Administration

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