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Good morning.

Welcome to 2021. While we’re all starting the new year together and hoping to put last year (and this week) in the rearview mirror, several among us have been busy starting a new hobby or business as well.

Today we’re celebrating the finance blog and podcast startups launched in 2020 by members of our community (plus, a couple new YouTube channel creators, too!)

Whether you prefer to read, listen or watch, you’ll enjoy getting to know these new content creators eager to help you get smart with your money.

Here’s a preview of their favorite articles and episodes with behind the scenes commentary on what makes them stand out.

Friday Trivia: The Penny Hoarder (www.thepennyhoarder.com) started as a personal finance blog written by Kyle Taylor in 2010. How much did Kyle sell it for in December 2020? 👇

Enjoy this curated selection of articles from Wealthtender Financial Network partners.

🐷 The Loaded Pig (Rebecca)

Favorite Article: 6 Ways Practicing Gratitude Can Transform Your Finances

Why is this your favorite article: We often overlook how changing our mindset can impact our finances. Taking the time express gratitude (even just to yourself) can truly transform your financial decision-making and your life.


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Parent Portfolio (Jonathan)

Favorite ArticleStatement Balance vs. Current Balance

Why is this your favorite article: This article represents a milestone in our blogging career. This article is the first one we’ve written after learning the correct way to develop content.


🏫 Educator FI (Ed)

Favorite Article: Real Educators Writing About Personal Finance

Why is this your favorite article: One of my biggest goals is to make sure educators believe they can be financially successful.  Showcasing dozens of educators writing about personal finance and success helped meet that mission.  It’s also just great to amplify other awesome voices!


👛 Budget Girl (Sarah)

Favorite Article: I Charge My Boyfriend to Rent to Live in My House…

Why is this your favorite article: Money inequality in relationships is one of the last bastions of taboo money conversations. So what happens if partners are in vastly different financial situations and how do you have hard money conversations in even the beginnings of a relationship so both partners are treated fairly, help each other and aren’t taken advantage of? I own multiple properties and charge my boyfriend significantly more than I pay to the mortgage to live with me… here’s why that is equitable for us and how we had honest, frank conversations to come to that decision.


💸 Budget to be Free (Samara)

Favorite Article: Saving with Sinking Funds

Why is this your favorite article: I am most proud of this article because I am sharing the sinking funds that I use and gave examples of other sinking funds that you can have. I am hoping to show people it helps to name your saving account and you can save little by little for something you want or need.

Listen to This

Recent podcast and YouTube shows from Wealthtender Financial Network partners you should listen to next.

🗣 Influential Finance (Carlos)

Favorite Video: How to Pay Off Debt FAST! (Even with a low income)

Why is this your favorite video: This is my favorite video because it can truly help anyone get out of debt. Having a plan to get out of debt is crucial and can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Check it out!


💲 Make Save Spend Give (Brittney)

Favorite Video: My Financial Goals | How I’m Saving For My Mom’s Retirement

Why is this your favorite video: I’ve been showing my financial journey for a few videos (prior to this one), but this video is where I share my personal financial goals – including ones I haven’t told most people!


🏡 REL Freedom (Mike)

Favorite Episode: Episode 10: Veronica Figueroa

Why is this your favorite episode: This episode actually came from a launch event we did called FreedomCon. Veronica is a very inspiring and energetic person. She talks about her journey from being a teen mom to now running one of the top real estate teams in South Florida and how she burned the boats and went all-in on her career.


🔑 The Financial Key (Ashley)

Favorite Episode: Episode 1

Why is this your favorite episode: I enjoyed Episode 1 of my podcast because my guest and I get into the conversation of student loan debt and the effect it has had on the lives of many millennials. As we discussed in the episode many of us were told that student loans were “good” debt. We didn’t fully understand the repercussions of having this debt would have on us starting families, purchasing a home, or saving for retirement. Many of my listeners could relate to this episode and were grateful that we dispelled the myth that student loans are “good” debt.


🏪 Mastering Your Small Business Finances (Chris)

Favorite Episode: Do I have the time needed to do my own bookkeeping?

Why is this your favorite episode: This is one of my favorite episodes because it goes into how to really see if you have enough time and if you are committed to do your own bookkeeping and why it may be better to outsource your bookkeeping if you are not able to make the commitment.


🔥 Friends on Fire (Maggie & Mike)

Favorite Episode: #028 | Minimalism + Money

Why is this your favorite episode: We love talking about living a more intentional life and finding happiness in the simple things. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to have an awesome life. Once people realize this it unlocks their potential to increase their savings rate and get to financial freedom more quickly. We love talking about the relationship between minimalism and money.


🌏 Geobreeze (Julia)

Favorite Episode: Episode 4 – from getting scammed out of $20K to running an automated business empire with Colin Yurcisin

Why is this your favorite episode: In just 40 minutes, we discuss so many different ways to build a business that generates points and miles such as amazon stores, house hacking, and so much more! It shows that there are so many possibilities for building a travel hacking lifestyle.


🌴 Take Back Retirement (Stephanie)

Favorite Episode: Episode 2: Retire on Your Own Terms – Or Don’t!

Why is this your favorite episode: Even though the word retirement is in the title of the show, it’s not a word I really like. It seems like an outdated concept – both because we’re living longer which makes it really hard to save enough for a long period of not working AND since most baby boomers and GenX’ers really don’t want to sit in a rocking chair for 20-30 years! We want to stay involved, keep learning, and have an impact. We encourage people to think about what those options might be for them.


🚌 Adventures In Mobile Homes With Rachel Hernandez

Favorite Episode: Episode #2: My Mobile Home Investing Journey

Why is this your favorite episode: Here I get to share how and why I got into mobile home investing in the first place. It’s a question I get all the time!

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👉 The Penny Hoarder started as a personal finance blog written by Kyle Taylor in 2010. How much did Kyle sell it for in December 2020? $102.5 Million to Sykes Enterprises. (Link)

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