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Wake Up with Wealthtender: July 17, 2020

By  Wealthtender HQ

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Good morning, investors.

Most amusement parks may be closed this summer thanks to the pandemic, but investors in the stock market haven’t needed a roller coaster ride to experience an adrenaline rush. 

As fear of the unknown gripped the markets in March, were you buckled in holding index funds that bounced back in the subsequent rally? Did you own actively managed funds or trade stocks based on your own research, a hot tip or hunch? 

Today we’re featuring insights from our network exploring the behavioral biases that impact the way we invest and diverse perspectives on investing strategies intended to keep us from being our own worst enemy.

Buckle up!

Did you know the American roller coaster was invented to save America from Satan? 👇

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🙄 Doing Dumb Stuff

Why do investors behave the way they do? Our biases are deep-seated predispositions that often serve us well in day-to-day living, but when it comes to investing, they may become problematic. [Savvy New Canadians]

🏆 Quality First

Is your goal to create a reliable stream of growing passive income? Learn how this approach to investing in quality and undervalued stocks stacks up vs. holding index funds. [Simply Investing]

🛌 Making Money in Your Sleep

“I make far more money at work then I do passively, yet it is the dollars from my passive income stream that hold my interest the longest and brings the greatest joy.” Did you wake up richer today? [XRAYVSN]

😈 Sabotage

“Do It Yourself (DIY) investors are self-sabotaging their portfolios, without even realizing it. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of DIY investing and am a DIY investor myself.” Are you a DIY investor? Consider these 3 tips to get out of your own way. [Wealthtender]

👩‍🌾 Land Grab

Looking for an alternative to the stock market’s ups and downs? When you diversify your retirement portfolio into land banking you’ll be on solid ground. But don’t assume it’s a walk in the park. First you have to find the right dirt. [The Money Boss]

💸 Stock Market 1. Cash 0.

“If you owned stock during the “Great Recession,” you may well have concluded that owning stocks is hazardous for your financial health. However, if you look in the long term, nothing could be further from the truth.” Is the stock market less risky than cash? [Wealthtender]

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🌱 Growing Your Money

Are you interested in investing in stocks, but haven’t yet taken the plunge because the media makes it look complicated and scary? This Joneytalks podcast interview with Sandy Yong discussing highlights of her book on growing your money safely may be just for you. [Joneytalks]

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TicTocLife tells the story of Jenni & Chris’ financial independence transition to early retirement right in the middle of a pandemic. Follow us in real-time as we make the jump to part-time work and onto a form of early retirement!

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👉 Did you know the American roller coaster was invented to save America from Satan? In the 1880s, LaMarcus Thompson was troubled by America’s slide into hedonism and immorality. Out of that concern, we got the rollercoaster. Thank the Smithsonian Magazine for these additional fun facts.

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