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Good morning, America.

While 4th of July celebrations this weekend may lack the typical fanfare and gatherings of family and friends, we remain just as grateful this year for everyone whose sacrifices have helped us enjoy over 240 years of national independence.

Today, we’re sharing insights from members of our network discussing financial independence. If you wake up most mornings feeling motivated to become financially independent, get ready to be inspired.

Why are there no Knock Knock jokes about America? 👇

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💵 What is FI? 

Finance nerds frequently refer to financial independence simply as “FI”. But what exactly does financial independence mean, anyway? If enjoying life on your own terms sounds appealing, this article is for you. [The Ambitious Dollar]

🧠 Financial Freedom Mindset

When you close your eyes and imagine your best life and ideal day what do you see? A financial freedom mindset enables you to slowly begin to replicate your ideal day without having to wait until “retirement”. [Handful of Thoughts]

5️⃣ A Handful of Ways 

The prospect of becoming financially independent can feel overwhelming if you’re just getting started. By thinking about these 5 goals first, you’ll be ready to decide the next step on your path to financial freedom that’s best for you. [CentsAble Chat]

🔟 Ten Steps to Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is when you have built up enough savings, investments, passive income and cash to live the life you truly want. And by following these 10 steps, you now have a clear path to get there. [Money in Matrimony]

🏡 Every Blade of Grass

When you’re hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, not bouncing checks comes before dreams of financial freedom. But as this story goes, dreams do come true. [XRAYVSN]

🚧 Build Your Financial Foundation

You can’t remodel your kitchen until you first construct your house. Your finances also require building a solid foundation first in order to get your financial house in order. [FI by REI]

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😷 COVID-19 vs. Real Estate Investing

For many people, the path to financial independence includes investing in real estate. But what can investors expect to change in a post-coronavirus world? [The Investor Mindset]

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👉 Why are there no Knock Knock jokes about America?
Because freedom rings. 🔔

🍁 Let’s not forget our Canadian friends. We hope you enjoyed a wonderful Canada Day this week, eh?

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