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Wake Up with Wealthtender: July 31, 2020

By  Wealthtender HQ

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Good morning, hustlers.

Don’t worry. We’re not implying any derogatory definition of the word hustler here. Rather, we’re inspired by the stories of everyone who’s chosen to pursue a side hustle to supplement (and sometimes replace!) the income from their day jobs.

Whether you’re already out there side hustlin’ or just thinking about ways to pad your pockets, we’ve got hundreds of ideas and tips today to get you revved up! 

What percentage of working Americans report having a side hustle? 👇

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💰 Cash on the Couch

Not yet making money while you sleep? The next best thing might be making money in your PJs. If you like judging others or can help someone name their business, check out ideas 44 and 66 on this popular list of side hustles. [The College Investor]

📦 Prime Time

If the sound of Amazon making deposits in your checking account instead of piling boxes on your doorstep sounds appealing, here are a handful of ways to get started. [Celebrating Financial Freedom]

😅 Get Paid to Sweat? Sweet!

Among the dozen ways to boost the balance in your PayPal account featured in this article, getting paid for simply walking or running outdoors might be hard to beat.  [Dollar Financials]

📃 Who’s List?

If the idea of a garage sale sounds quaint or isn’t an option to unload that treadmill turned clothes hanger, Craigslist may be your answer. But do you know how to use Craigslist safely? [My Money Chronicles]

🍁 Canadian Bankin’

Are you a Canadian with loonies to lend? Why not become the banker who earns interest when you help businesses and individuals looking for money? Among this list of ideas for Canadian side hustles, P2P lending may be just what the docteur ordered. [Savvy New Canadians]

📱 Addicted to Apps

Admit it. Your cell phone has screens full of apps, right? Here’s how you can add a few more and get paid to test them. [Money in Matrimony]

😱 All Hustled Out

Just talking about side hustles feels overwhelming. Making extra money sure sounds great, but is faster burnout ahead? [XRAYVSN]

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💲 Million Dollar Blogs

After starting a blog in 2007, Marc Andre quit his day job in 2008 and has since pocketed over a million dollars by selling his blogs. How’s that for a side hustle? And guess what? He’s not done yet. [Joney Talks!]

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💻 Be A V.A.

Earning over $10,000 a month working as a virtual assistant may sound too good to be true. But the success of this V.A. who did just that from her home in Lincoln, Nebraska now has her helping others learn to do the same. [$10K VA]

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👉 What percentage of working Americans report having a side hustle? 45% or roughly 70 million people. The average side hustle brings in $1,122 a month, but the median income is much lower — just $200 a month. [Side Hustle Nation]

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