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As millions of us come together this week to consider what we can do individually and together to build a more inclusive society, we’re proud to share relevant stories and updates from members of our network. 

Wealthtender has also made a donation of $250 to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund to show our support for racial justice in America. As our company grows, we’re committed to building a business that promotes racial and gender equality.

Together, let’s make an impact on improving equality for all Americans.

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We think you’ll enjoy this curated selection of articles from Wealthtender Financial Network partners.

🏫 Racism in Schools and Money

“Education and personal finance are my two passions. And racism is everywhere in them. These things can be true, and I can still have hope it will get better.”  [Educator FI]

⬛ Supporting Black Lives Matter

“We don’t try enough as a nation to help our struggling communities and give them the same access to financial services as more privileged communities have. This has a ripple effect to black-owned housing, businesses, and more.” [I like to Dabble]

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🎧 Rich & Not Famous (Yet)

In this episode, Cody and Justin learn the unique challenges that face the black community when it comes to wealth building. Their interview with Julien and Kiersten, creators of the Rich & Regular blog, sheds light on both challenges and opportunities faced by the couple with lessons shared that can benefit everyone.

With a recently signed book deal, you might be hearing more about this dynamic couple soon. [The FI Show]

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