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Wake Up with Wealthtender: Prices. Going UP!

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Good morning.

If you have an extra car parked in your garage collecting dust, you may be excited to find you can sell it for a lot more than it was worth just a few months ago. If this is your situation, inflation is great! 🥳

For most Americans, it’s more likely there’s a treadmill collecting dust in the garage. And unfortunately used treadmill prices only seem to go in one direction. 😅

The fact of the matter is, the effects of inflation can differ considerably among various products and services. And whether you’re feeling poorer these days when you leave the grocery store or richer when you learn your neighbor’s house just sold for double what they paid 5 years ago, today’s recommended reads dive deeper into the topic of inflation to help you make sense of it all. 💸

Friday Trivia: If a time machine takes you back to 1950 with $100 to spend, how much more buying power would you have than what you do today?  👇

This photo illustration of Ben Franklin with a black eye and bandages on a one hundred dollar bill might illustrate a tough economy, inflation, unemployment, economic recession, or budget cuts etc.

High Inflation Is Here Now. Are You Wondering How Badly It Will Hurt Your Wallet?

There’s no two ways about it. Prices are moving up. For some things, by over 50% in the past year! 

Are you ready to learn how to calculate your personal inflation rate?

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This Week’s Reads & Listens

Enjoy this curated selection of content from Wealthtender Financial Network partners.

🤥 “Inflation? What Inflation?” – US Government

If you thought the secret formula for Coca-Cola was a mystery, just wait until you hear about the US Government’s COLA and how it can make the fizz in your retirement plans go flat. [XRAYVSN]

📅 It’s Not Over Till The High-BMI Lady Sings

Market Narratives are dominating market behavior as we progress through 2021. And much like COVID-19, narratives spread like a virus, too. The narrative is changing. Are you prepared? [Lloyd’s Intrepid Wealth Management]

🏠 Could Hyperinflation Cause Real Estate to Crash?

Home prices have been rising. But what happens if interest rates follow suit? The next few months could prove pivotal. [BetterCapital.us]

💵 Can Social Security Help You Fight Inflation?

Unlike gold, oil and Bitcoin, your Social Security income is guaranteed to last as long as you do. And that’s just one way Social Security offers inflation protection. [Jeremy Keil on TheStreet.com]

🏛 Just the TIPS

Many investors worried about inflation, buy TIPS, a type of government bond designed to not lose purchasing power. But not all TIPS are created equal. [FI Physician]

🛒 Is Inflation Really Rearing Its Head?

“The big box of waffles that my kids like went up to $6.39 from $5.99.” If that’s not enough to convince you inflation is here, the rest of this article might. [Dividend Power]

👩‍🌾 Should You Bet (on) the Farm?

Farmland investing offers unique advantages as an inflation hedge. And you no longer need a cornfield in Kansas to plant your money in this alternative asset class. [Financial Freedom Countdown]

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