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Wake Up with Wealthtender: September 11, 2020

By  Wealthtender HQ

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Good morning.

Do health and wealth go together? If you ask a few of our featured blog owners today, you’ll hear a resounding YES.

From a money manager who traded in his Bloomberg terminal to cycle the world, to a ballerina who grande jetéd across the pond to teach fitness and finance, our recommended reads will motivate you to get moving while getting smarter with your money.

Recommended Reads

We think you’ll enjoy this curated selection of articles from Wealthtender Financial Network partners.

🚴‍♂️ Market Cycles

As a portfolio manager who had seen it all, this quadrilingual banker traded in profiting from market cycles for cycling around the world. And now when he’s not racking up thousands of miles on his bike, he’s racking up thousands of words on his blog helping us become better investors… including when markets crash. [Banker on Wheels]

🥂 To Your Health (& Wealth)

At age 23, Kat decided to leave New York and the world of ballet for a more balanced life in London. Three years later, she’s teaching Pilates, German and blogging about health and wealth… while still finding time for walks in the English countryside. [A Chat with Kat]

📈 Don’t Look Now

If your browser is open to your brokerage account all day, this financially savvy pharmacist understands the addiction of keeping a close eye on your stocks. But should the prescribed frequency for checking your portfolio be multiple times a day? Or maybe once a week? [The FI Pharmacist]

🏠 Wheeling and Dealing

With 1 in 18 Americans living in a mobile home, it may not surprise you to hear Warren Buffett is a major investor in the industry. But you don’t need to be a billionaire to invest in mobile homes. Just ask Rachel. [Adventures in Mobile Homes]

🤔 Do You Know Squat?

If your neighbor’s new fence is built on your property, it could become their property in just two years if you live in Arizona. How long will it take a squatter where you live to claim your land? [Spark Rental]

📱 In the ‘Hood

If you’re not already one of the millions of people investing through Robinhood on your mobile phone, have you been tempted to tap the app? Before you sign up and purchase your first share of TSLA, this article will help you decide if Robinhood is right for you. [Profit Peep]

🤑 Smells Like Teen Income

With so many quaranteenagers locked inside the house, can their time glued to their screen turn into an income stream? There are more than a few ideas among this list of easy ways for your teen to make some green. [Finsavvy Panda]

Don’t Be Alarmed

Michelle left her energy trading job in London to retire at age 43. Two years later, she’s sharing 5 things you might be surprised to learn if you’re considering early retirement, too. [Fire and Wide]

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