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Wake Up with Wealthtender: September 18, 2020

By  Wealthtender HQ

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Good morning, world.

If a Coca-Cola commercial can bring together people from around the world to unite them in song, can Wealthtender assemble personal finance voices from around the world who are inspiring people through their writing?

We don’t yet have a catchy jingle for you to sing, but that’s not stopping us from introducing you to personal finance blogs featured on Wealthtender from around the globe.

So grab a Coke, your coffee or beverage of choice, and enjoy today’s selection of recommended reads from all corners of the earth. It’s a small world, after all.

In what year did Coca-Cola’s commercial featuring the famous chorus line I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing first air? 👇

Recommended Reads

We think you’ll enjoy this curated selection of articles from Wealthtender Financial Network partners.

🥨 Germany

After her credit card was declined buying a beer, Liz decided it was time to get her finances in order. Three years later, she’s gone from living in Chicago with $70K in debt to quitting her job, moving to Germany and helping other thirty-somethings learn from her own journey to becoming debt-free.  [Minding My Thirties]

🐨 Australia

This Australian doctor is helping other doctors, dentists and high income professionals learn more about managing their money. If you’re looking for tips on repaying medical school debt, it’s time to go down under.  [Aussie Doc Freedom]

👑 United Kingdom

Still in her 20’s and a recent graduate in the U.K., Emma launched her blog in 2017 and now earns a five-figure side income sharing her tips and tricks to help others increase their income and clear their debts. She’s been called a cheap date, but it’s her bank account that always gets the last laugh. [Bee Money Savvy]

🍁 Canada 

While these two thirty-something computer engineers and authors of children’s books may be from Canada, you’re more likely to find them in an Iceland hot spring or in the Swiss Alps. Thousands of people subscribe to learn how they retired from their 9 to 5’s and to follow their adventure. [Millennial Revolution]

🐘 India

Growing up in Mumbai, these two childhood schoolmates turned their friendship into marriage. With a shared dream of retiring early, they quickly got to work and more than doubled their net worth. And today, their sharing how they did it and what they’re learning along the way. [The Money Monks]

🌷 Netherlands

While Marjolein enjoys living in the Netherlands, it’s financial independence and freedom to travel the world that keeps her motivated. With monthly income reports shared on her blog, you’ll see how she’s making and saving money to achieve her goal of retiring by age 30. [Radical Fire]

🍀 Ireland

This Irish trader believes the ancient philosophy of Stoicism is ideal to apply when it comes to finance. By controlling what you can and minimizing external distractions, you’ll find the articles on this site helpful to craft your investing and trading strategies. [The Stoic Trader]

🦁 Singapore

With the help of technology, Richard’s goal is to unlock multiple streams of income that allow him to become financially independent by 45. If you’re interested in doing the same, follow his journey and read this article about the benefits of expat life in the Lion City. [Side Hustle Rich]

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👉 In what year did Coca-Cola’s commercial featuring the famous chorus line I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing first air? 

A: The commercial first aired in July 1971 and featured a multicultural group of young people lip syncing the song on a hill in Manziana, outside Rome, Italy.

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