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Wake Up with Wealthtender: You’re Taking Away My Toys?

By  Wealthtender HQ

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Good morning.

Don’t worry. We’re not going to take your toys away. 😅

But when we asked our community to share their favorite content so far this year, an article about the benefits of reducing the number of children’s toys caught our eye. What do you think? Every kid does love a cardboard box… 📦   

This week’s recommended reads and listens include a mid-year spotlight on a few community faves and a handful of reader picks we think you’ll enjoy. 👏

And if you have a wedding to attend this summer, our giveaway announcement could be the perfect gift for the lucky couple (and you get to avoid a Saturday morning trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond… and finding that darn coupon). 🤪

Friday Trivia: What popular kids’ toy came with its body parts but no body until 1964? 👇

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Enjoy this curated selection of content from Wealthtender Financial Network partners.

🛑 Why You Should Stop Buying Toys for Your Kids Now

This isn’t a story about being frugal. And he’s not going to be disowned by his children. In fact, when you learn what Jeff gives his children instead of toys, you’ll see why this dad is a popular papa. [Have Your Dollars Make Sense]

🎵 23 Best Rapper Quotes about Money

This was Marjolein’s favorite article to write this year. And certainly the most fun. It’s a reminder you can find lessons about money all around you, even with windows down and the bass bumpin’ [Radical FIRE].

🚌 The Wheels On Your Home Go Round and Round

It may not be a surprise this best-selling author and real estate investor chose her podcast episode on Mobile Home Investing as her favorite. Learn how Rachel has turned this unique niche into a mobile money machine. [Adventures in Mobile Homes]

🍋 When Life Gives You Lemons

Are you prepared for the worst? They say what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, but tragedy is never pleasant. Stephanie chose this podcast episode as her favorite because her guest’s personal story helping others get through the worst of times is inspirational and worth the listen. [Sofia Financial – Take Back Retirement Podcast]

Can’t get enough? Check out these articles from members of our community, too:

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👉 Friday Trivia: What popular kids’ action figure came with its body parts but no body until 1964? From 1952 to 1963 parents had to supply real potatoes for the body of Mr. Potato Head, until 1964 when Hasbro introduced a hard plastic body. (Source: Parents.com; PBS.com Vintage Video)

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