$10K VA

$10K VA® simplifies the process of what a virtual assistant is and how to become one.

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$10K VA

$10K VA® simplifies the process of what a virtual assistant is and how to become one.

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$10K VA® simplifies the process of what a virtual assistant is and how to become one.

The course includes seven modules, which break down what a virtual assistant is, how to pitch to your first client, and the services you can offer as a VA.

Module 1: What is a Virtual Assistant?
- The Definition and Origins of the Term VA
- What Does a VA Do?
- Designing Your Business: Deciding What Services to Offer
- No Education Required! 7 Simple Skills for VA Success
- The Benefits of Being a VA

Module 2: How to Find and Pitch VA Jobs
- Where to Look First for VA Jobs
- How to Land Your First Client
- Perfecting Your Pitch
- How to Get More Clients by Referrals

Module 3: Pricing Services and Getting Paid
- How Much Should a Beginner VA Charge?
- The Foolproof Formula to Calculate an - Accurate Hourly Rate
- How to Raise Prices Over Time
- Stop Charging Hourly! 3 Other Ways to Price VA Services
- How to Send Invoices and What You Need to Know About PayPal

Module 4: Building Client Relationships the Right Way
- 6 Must-Haves for Your VA Contract
- How to Onboard Your Clients Like a Pro
- Setting Client Boundaries
- Overcoming 6 Common Client Objections
- How to Part Ways Gracefully When You Fire a Client

Module 5: Running the Day-to-Day as a $10K VA®
- Creating a Schedule that Works
- Productivity: How to Get a Lot Done in a Little Amount of Time
- Juggling Multiple Client Responsibilities

Module 6: Making Your Business Legit
- Building a Portfolio
- How to Market Your Business
- Do You Need a Business Plan?
- An Introduction to Taxes
- Deciding How to Pay Yourself
- Defending Your Workday

Module 7: Up-level Your VA Business
- Earning More as a One Woman (or Man) Show
- Creating Systems for Faster Work
- Outsourcing and Creating a VA Agency
- The $10K VA® Mindset

Course Details

Who is this course for?
$10K VA® is right for you if you answer YES to these questions:

- I'm ready to start taking control of when I work, and how much money I earn.

- I want the freedom to work for myself, without the ache of a commute.

- I have skills, but I need some guidance on how to make them pay the bills.

- I'm not afraid to work hard to get things done.

- I need solid advice from someone who has been right where I am now!

What will I learn?
In $10K VA®, I will show you exactly how to...

- Pitch and land your first (and second, and third...) client, so that you can build a stable monthly income.

- Set your initial rate, and how to raise it, so you get paid what you're worth for every new skill you learn.

- Onboard your clients like a pro, and how to protect yourself and your business for every possible situation.

- Create a system for efficiency so that you can maximize your billable hours.

How much does it cost?

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