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Your 4-Day Work Week Game Plan

Design the Strategy to Create Your 4-Day Work Week (Starting where you are today)

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Website: https://www.4dayworkweek.com/game-plan-course

Year Launched: 2017



Want a Proven Plan to Create Your 4-Day Work Week Lifestyle?

Itโ€™s never been more possible to Make More Money AND Design a Flexible 4-Day Work Week (or similar) Lifestyle.

This can work for employees, freelancers, entrepreneurs & business owners.

Some people will take more time than others, but itโ€™s still extremely possible.


Get access to the same core strategy, training videos, templates & tools I use to help entrepreneurs (& employees) start to design & create their most desired life & lifestyle.

Stop Unnecessarily Delaying Gratification

Donโ€™t Wait Until Retirement to Enjoy Life

Live More Today & Create a Plan to Earn More, too.

Invest Your TIME with the People You Love Most

In this short but powerful course, Iโ€™ll help you create YOUR 4-Day Work Week Game Plan.

Iโ€™ve taught this course to group coaching and private coaching clients over the last 5 years.

The work is based on what Iโ€™ve learned as successful entrepreneur for 20+ years and 4-Day Work Week Entrepreneur for 5+ years.

My clients and I have co-created enough successful results (in their lives and mine) to confidently say this course will work if you work it.

It doesnโ€™t matter HOW LONG you think it will take you to get there. Create the vision for what you wish to SEE happen in your life.

It matters that you DECIDE youโ€™ll get there and START THE JOURNEY.

Course Details

Who is this course for?
Anyone who wants to create an Abundant & Sustainable 4-Day Work Week (or similar) Lifestyle. Parents who want more time with their families & kids (and free time for themselves while kids are in school on Fridays). Employees, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners who want to make more time to enjoy life. People who love to travel, enjoy life and create an amazing personal life. People who believe it's possible to create a great impact at work AND a great life outside of work.

What will I learn?
Design the Plan for You to Create & Maintain a 4-Day Work Week Make More Time for Your Most Important Relationships & Activities Create a Default Weekly Schedule for Your Life & Your Work that You Love Identify & Solidify the Sources of Income to Consistently Fund Your Lifestyle

How much does it cost?
Investment is $0 & about 1 to 2 Hours of Your time.

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