Does It Make Sense to Buy a New Car?

You’ve ruled out walking, riding the bus, Ubers, and even renting a car only when you must.  None of that works for you.

Buying new has several attractions.

You get to choose the make, model, trim, options, colors just the way you want them.

You get a brand new vehicle and don’t inherit anyone else’s problems (e.g., no flood-rescue cars).

Your repairs are covered by warranty the first few years. You usually get a few years of repair-free driving.

On the other hand, depreciation is high for a new car. You lose 5-10% as soon as you drive off the dealer’s lot!

Many say it's a mistake to buy a new car. But buying new and driving your car for 10 years averages about the same cost vs buying used, and is more fun!

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