Easy Ways To Simplify Your Finances

My theme word for 2021 is simplify. I plan to apply it to every area of my life.

What you need, and can handle, will depend on your own circumstances.

Eliminate What You Don’t Need

This can be done with a consolidation loan, or sometimes by transferring credit card balances to a new interest-free card.

Consolidate Debt

It’s time to go through that and shred what isn’t essential.

Sort Out Paperwork And Go Paperless

It’s easy to assume technology will simplify things, but it’s not always the case. There are dozens of apps and online systems you can use to help organize your finances.

Use Technology If It Simplifies Things

Life really is simpler with a well thought out budget.

Make A Budget

If you have regular fixed payments that don’t vary, such as a phone plan or insurance payment, it can really simplify your life and finances to automate them.

Automate Payments