Is a Financial Coach Right for You?

A financial coach is a financial professional who focuses on your day-to-day money habits like budgeting, debt and saving to help you identify which habits need to change in order to reach your bigger goals, then supports you as your work toward that change.

What is a Financial Coach?

Most people who work with a financial coach are looking for someone to take a look at how they have been spending their money, then helping them make decisions on what might need to change.

How Does Financial Coaching Work?

Typical Questions a Financial Coach Will Help You Answer

• How Do I Create and Manage a Budget?

• What’s the Best Way for Me to Pay Off My Debt?

• What’s the Best Way for Me to Pay Off My Debt?

• Am I on Track to Achieve my Financial Goals?

• What if I Don’t Even Know What My Financial Goals are?

Your financial coach may be able to offer additional services based upon their credentials or areas of specialty.

Other Financial Coaching Services

How is a Financial Advisor Different from a Financial Coach?

The big difference between a financial advisor and a financial coach is that a financial advisor primarily serves as someone who provides investing advice.

– Choosing specific funds to invest in – How to invest to reach your goals – What type of insurance policy is    best for what you need – Any advice around investing that   goes beyond educating you

What Can a Financial Advisor Help With that Most Financial Coaches Cannot?

What Training or Qualifications does a Financial Coach Need?

Many financial coaches are simply everyday people who found success in their own money habits and wish to share their wisdom and knowledge with others.

The right financial coach can help you transform your personal relationship with money, but the most important thing about engaging with one is that YOU are ready to do the work.

How Do I Choose a Financial Coach Based Upon their Credentials?