What is a Personal Financial Specialist (CPA / PFS)?

They have the expertise it takes to help clients holistically with a number of financial matters including retirement, investments, risk management, estate planning and taxes.

What is a Personal Financial Specialist (CPA / PFS)?

PFS candidates are well-versed in the twelve areas that comprise the PFS Body of Knowledge:

– Personal Financial Planning Process – Professional Responsibilities and Legislative and Regulatory Environment – Fundamental Financial Planning Concepts – Estate Planning – Charitable Planning – Risk Management Planning – Employee and Business-Owner Planning – Investment Planning – Retirement and Financial Independence Planning – Elder, Special Needs, and Chronic Illness Planning – Education Planning – Special Situations

Should You Hire a Personal Financial Specialist (PFS)?

A PFS has the advanced tax expertise and depth of financial knowledge that may help you if you:

The reality is that retirement, investments, insurance, estate and virtually all areas of personal financial planning come with tax implications

-- Want to Understand the Tax Implications of Your Personal Financial Plans

Estate planning can be difficult and nerve racking, to say the very least.

-- Would Like to Take a Comprehensive Approach to Estate Planning

A PFS may help you figure out the primary sources of income you should have to retire at your preferred age with the lifestyle you desire.

-- Need Retirement Planning Support

If you have children who you hope to send to private school or college, a PFS is invaluable.

-- Wish to Plan for Education Expenses

-- CPA License

What Does it Take to Earn and Maintain the Personal Financial Specialist Designation?

-- PFS Education Requirements

-- PFS Experience Requirements

-- PFS Exam

-- PFS Code of Ethics