What is a Virtual Financial Advisor?

For most people, their financial advisor happens to be just a few miles from their house.

A virtual financial advisor offers financial planning services to their clients primarily or entirely online and by phone.

This means no matter where you or your financial advisor choose to live, you’re always just a Zoom call away from a face-to-face meeting.

One of the first reasons people began working with virtual financial advisors was to gain time back in their day by not having to get in the car and sit in traffic to meet with their financial advisor when a phone call or Zoom meeting works just as well.

For people who travel frequently or anticipate moving to another part of the country (or living overseas), working with a virtual financial advisor also ensures no disruption to your relationship no matter where life takes you.

Perhaps the most significant development accelerating the trend towards virtual financial advice is the ability for financial advisors to specialize in serving a niche that simply wouldn’t be practical if limited to working with clients in their hometown.