What’s Your Personality Type When It Comes to Money?

It’s easy to assume that being a compulsive saver is good, and a compulsive money maker even better, right? But every money personality has its pros and cons. Which one are you and what can you do about it?

You may be a compulsive saver if you love saving money, always shop around for the best deals, and hate spending on luxuries or inessentials.

The Compulsive Saver

The Compulsive Spender

They’ll justify their spending any way they can.

Compulsive money makers focus on making money to the detriment of 

The Compulsive Money Maker

everything else, and believe making money is the only source of happiness.

It’s easy to be indifferent to money while you’re financially comfortable but things can change.

The Indifferent-To-Money Personality

This personality type saves and saves, then spends and spends, often irresponsibly

The Saver-Splurger

The gambler may literally enjoy gambling, or might simply enjoy taking risks such as starting new businesses or making risky investments.

The Gambler

Worriers might have a high income or a low one, lots of savings, or none at all.

The Worrier