Old Money vs New Money

Families with old money have inherited their wealth.

What Is Old Money?

New money is also referred to as nouveau riche.

What Is New Money?

The key differences between old money and new money are spending habits, social perception and whether the wealth was inherited or earned.

Behavioral Differences Between Old Money Vs New Money

Families inheriting great wealth save their money and strive to ensure it remains in the family.

Saving And Spending

There is a lot more to old wealth than how many generations have inherited the money.

Social Perception

Old wealth families rarely discuss money while new money is often vocal and excited to discuss their wealth.

Hushed Vs. Loud

New money wants to be in the spotlight, old wealth prefers being backstage.

Spotlight Vs Backstage

One of the most obvious differences between old and new money is entertainment.

Entertaining At Home Vs Out On The Town

New wealth has been accumulated recently and these individuals are usually in the spotlight. Since their lives have become more predictable, they are willing to spend money.

Old Money Vs New Money: Which Spends More Helping Others?