Should You Hire a Christian Financial Advisor?

Are you a Christian looking for a financial advisor who can help you achieve your financial goals with a faith-based approach?

A Certified Kingdom Advisor (CKA) offers financial services with a Christian perspective to help clients plan their finances in accordance with Christian values.

What is a Certified Kingdom Advisor (CKA)?

CKAs are specifically trained to apply biblical wisdom and abide by the Kingdom Advisors Code of Ethics.

CKAs strongly believe the financial advice Christian clients receive needs to be consistent with God’s Word.

So is a Christian financial advisor right for you?

We asked Christian financial advisors to answer questions and offer additional insights on the potential benefits of financial planning with through a faith-based lens.

– Q&A with Christian Financial Advisors –

As a Christian, what are the potential benefits of hiring a financial advisor who shares my faith and specializes in serving Christians?

- Working with a Christian financial advisor ensures that you share core values and beliefs.

What are the potential benefits of hiring a Certified Kingdom Advisor®?

- This designation takes a lot of study because you’re not just learning the investments, but you’re also learning how it applies to what the Bible says about money.