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Nearing Retirement? A Retirement Advisor May Be Right For You

By  Brian Thorp

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It’s an exciting time when you’re approaching retirement and preparing for the next phase of your life. You’ve likely spent decades working towards this milestone and have a vision for how you’ll spend your days, perhaps enjoying more time with grandchildren, traveling or volunteering in your community.

But living in retirement comes with a cost and knowing how you’ll afford living comfortably while preserving your savings to last a lifetime is no easy task.

If you’re thinking about hiring a financial advisor who can help you make the most of your golden years, you may be best served choosing an advisor who specializes in helping people nearing retirement like you. With their experience, credentials and knowledge of retirement planning strategies and pitfalls to avoid, you may find your life in retirement includes one less worry so you can enjoy your days more.

Let’s learn more about financial advisors who specialize in helping near-retirees to help you decide if a retirement advisor may be right for you.

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Three Questions with Jeremy Keil

We asked Wisconsin-based financial advisor Jeremy Keil who specializes in helping near-retirees to answer three common questions asked by people planning to retire soon.

Q: I’m approaching retirement and haven’t needed a financial advisor to make it this far. Why should I think about hiring a financial advisor now?

Jeremy: Retirement is something you’ve never faced before with a lot of one-time decisions you can never reverse. Working with a retirement-focused advisor can help you avoid mistakes during this huge transition.

Q: How can I feel confident I’m choosing a financial advisor who understands I simply want to enjoy a comfortable retirement, not outperform the stock market?

Jeremy: When you’re looking for good retirement-focused financial advisors you want to start with the basics. Make sure they have their Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation and either the Retirement Management Advisor (RMA®) or Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP®) designations.  You should also ask them for references to other clients facing retirement, and look at their website: does it address the issues you are facing?

Q: I have a few more years before I plan to retire. Should I wait until closer to my retirement date before hiring a financial advisor?

Jeremy: You should plan for retirement well before your retirement date. Many people retire before they expected and you will fare much better if you have a plan ahead of time. There may be many decisions that affect your retirement that come up along the way such as making sure you’re maximizing your vacation pay rules (sometimes you can move this money tax-free into a Health Reimbursement Arrangement), or your pension (learning your formula and maximizing it helps).  You don’t want to miss out on benefits because you waited until just before retirement to do the research.

Get to Know Jeremy Keil:

Jeremy Keil, CFP®, CFA, CIMA®

Keil Financial Partners

New Berlin, Wisconsin

Find your ideal retirement strategy with our 5 step retirement income process.

New Berlin, Wisconsin

Find your ideal retirement strategy with our 5 step retirement income process.

Areas of Focus

  • Choosing a Financial Advisor
  • Employee Benefits
  • Financial Life Planning
  • Giving
  • Inherited Wealth

View Jeremy’s profile on Wealthtender or visit his website to learn more.

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