Disclosure Policy

October 1, 2019

At Wealthtender, We Operate with Integrity

Wealthtender is committed to helping our readers reduce financial stress, improve financial wellness and increase wealth.  We do this primarily by publishing articles written by personal finance writers who share our passion for helping people achieve their financial goals.

Our staff takes great pride in the quality of information and resources we publish on wealthtender.com, across our social media accounts and other outlets. In order to make our site free for our readers, we make money from advertising sponsors.

Operating with integrity and transparency must always be our priority to earn your trust.

How We Make Money

Wealthtender makes money by partnering with companies we believe to be reputable who compensate us for featuring their products and services on wealthtender.com, our social media accounts, emails to our subscribers and other outlets.  Examples of compensation we receive include referral payments if you sign up for a product or service offered by one of our partners (often through links in articles we publish) and payments for sponsored posts.

Our partners cannot pay Wealthtender to guarantee a favorable review of their products or services.  We acknowledge that we may be influenced to write more about products and services from our partners which may also influence where on our site these products appear, but our commitment to you always remains providing an unbiased discussion of any product or service featured on Wealthtender.

Partnering with Newer Companies

Wealthtender partners may include newer companies that have not yet established a significant operating history.  Wealthtender is a newer company itself and we take great pride in supporting other startup companies and their founders who are dedicated to building new and innovative products and services intended to help our readers.

We know many of our readers share our passion for discovering new products and services not available from more established companies, often featuring improved technology and lower costs.  Because newer companies often lack the considerable resources and financial stability of more established companies, there is heightened risk that products and services may not yet be fully developed or could cease to exist if the company is unable to continue operations due to a lack of funding.

Our CEO is an active angel investor and advisor to startup companies, which means he personally invests directly and indirectly in newer companies, as well as providing their founders and teams with advice and guidance to help grow their business.  Wealthtender partners may include newer companies that our CEO has invested in and/or has an advisory relationship.

Additional Disclosures

Wealthtender is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

Please also refer to our terms of service and privacy policy for additional information.  If you have any questions or if we can assist with anything at all, please contact us by email at support@wealthtender.com or call us at (512) 540 – 3811.

Thank you for being a Wealthtender reader and giving us an opportunity to earn your trust.

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