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Is Combining Finances After Marriage Right For You?

The BIG DAY has finally arrived. Guests arrive, the wedding party is ready, and every final detail is complete! All that’s left is to say “I Do!”

Actually, getting married is only the beginning of building your life together. And one of the most important parts of starting your marriage is learning how to handle your finances, and work together on how best to manage your money. (Read or Listen)

A Man And A Woman Do Selfie Near Their New Car.

Why Buying a New Car Makes More Sense than Buying Used

Huge amounts of digital ink have been spilled about how terrible a financial mistake you’ll make if you buy new cars.

In reality, buying new and driving your car for 10 years averages about the same cost (cheaper in some cases) than buying used, and is more fun. (Read)

Financial Planning Insights for Special Needs Families

Special needs financial planning is designed to help you manage your money so that you can provide for the lifelong needs of your child with special needs.

While the needs of every special needs family are unique, this article aims to provide a variety of education, tools, and resources that you may find valuable. (Read or Listen)


Is a college degree really worth the long term debt?

Is it?

5 ways to avoid private mortgage insurance (PMI)

Let’s See

Do you really need a massive emergency fund after all?

Good Question

How to maximize your spouse’s social security benefits

To The Max

Strategies to build your credit while you’re still young

Show Me

How to find the best tax preparer for your situation

Yes, Please

Is a Financial Advisor Right for You?

Good financial advisors listen to learn your investment goals, how comfortable you are with risk and take your personal circumstances into account to then advise you on the best investment options, products and services offered by their firm based on your financial resources, needs and requirements. | Find Advisors by City | Search Advisor Directory | Guide to Virtual Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors by Area of Specialization

Financial Advisors Based on Their Professional Credentials

Financial Advisors by Location

Could a Financial Coach or Counselor Help You Get Your Finances Back on Track?

You may want to hire a financial coach or counselor if you feel you need to get your finances in order and learn to manage your money better. You’re not looking for specific investment advice, but rather to develop a skill set that will let you excel in the area of personal finance and money management. You may also feel you need the accountability that comes with hiring a financial coach or counselor, or that you need to change your mindset when it comes to money and wealth.

Featured Financial Coaches And Counselors On Wealthtender

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