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Get More Clients Online with
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💰 And when they do, your advisory fee is yours to keep.

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Many advisor lead gen platforms take a percentage of your management fee when they match you with a prospect. While these services can be effective in adding new clients, the cost can be steep.

When you join Wealthtender, your flat fee digital marketing investment compounds over time, paying dividends when an increasing number of your future clients find you directly online. And when they do, your advisory fee is yours to keep.

Your Wealthtender profile page is SEO-optimized to ensure you benefit from our industry-leading Domain Authority (a search engine ranking score that predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages). 

📰 We create your SEO-optimized profile. You can personalize it if you choose.

🏆 You benefit from our industry-leading Domain Authority.

📞 Prospects book introductory meetings with one-click access to your calendar.

If you already have a profile page on websites like Fee Only Network, IndyFin, Wiser Advisor, or other directory sites, you benefit from their Domain Authority (DA) that influences how you rank in online search results. And many of these sites have done a nice job in the past helping advisors strengthen their online presence.

But unlike many other sites, Wealthtender continues to invest significantly in growth initiatives to propel our DA to new heights for the benefit of financial advisors in our community. For example, we frequently:

  • Publish fresh content to attract more visitors and increase search engine visibility
  • Syndicate Wealthtender articles on popular finance sites, MSN.com, and via Associated Press
  • Gain national media recognition for our content and thought leadership boosting our DA

In a 2020 industry benchmarking study conducted by Michael Kitces at Nerd’s Eye View, paid web listing platforms rank as a category among the Top 5 Most Cost-Effective Marketing Strategies for advisors.

By joining Wealthtender, you benefit from a top 5 marketing strategy, plus your digital marketing ROI is supercharged with our DA score that’s unprecedented in the category, along with many additional benefits all designed to help you get more clients online.

For around $1/day, your profile page on Wealthtender strengthens your SEO to help you attract your ideal clients and rank higher in search results. You’re unlikely to find a better bang for your buck.

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Thousands of people visit wealthtender.com each month looking for financial professionals and resources they can trust. Join financial advisors on Wealthtender succeeding with digital marketing to rank higher in search results and attract their ideal clients.

Are You Doing Enough to Attract New Clients Online?

You invested in your website to establish your presence online. But before future clients visit your site, how will they know it exists?

Fortunately, there are several easy and cost-effective ways to attract more people to your website that require minimal effort so you can spend more time with your clients.

A small monthly investment in digital marketing can pay dividends for years to come as an increasing number of prospects find you online.

Read the articles below to learn how top advisors are growing their business in an increasingly online world.

It’s Your Revenue. Not Ours.
Flat Fee Lead Gen. Around $1/Day.

Monthly subscription options around $1/day. No long-term commitment.

Free done-for-you profile setup.

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How Does Done-for-You Digital Marketing Work?

Wealthtender is the industry’s first done-for-you digital marketing toolkit for advisors who prefer working smarter, not harder.

Wealthtender helps advisors succeed online to build authority, gain national media recognition, strengthen their SEO, and attract their ideal clients with done-for-you digital marketing services. For example:

🛎️ We create your profile page; You personalize it if you choose.

🛎️ We write and publish articles on wealthtender.com that reach thousands of people each month; You simply provide a quote to gain visibility and SEO benefits.

🛎️ We syndicate articles on sites like MSN.com and Associated Press affiliates; You simply provide a quote to reach a national audience.

🛎️ We have relationships with hundreds of financial influencers who reach millions of people each month; You choose from opportunities each month to be featured on their platforms.

🛎️ We sync your business and professional details to 40+ online directories including voice-activated search platforms like Alexa and Siri; You strengthen your SEO and ensure you’re found everywhere online.

🛎️ We amplify your best content on social media each week; You simply provide a link.

⭐ And when you’re ready to get started with testimonials, Wealthtender is the first financial advisor online review website compliant with the SEC Marketing rule. We provide you with the playbook to succeed with testimonial marketing and attract the next generation of investors to your practice.

🚀 We’re dedicated to helping advisors get more clients online with plans beginning around $1/day.

Read More Advisor Testimonials

Visit this page to see testimonials from financial advisors in the Wealthtender community.

Get Quoted in the Media to
Attract More Clients Online.

💬 Get quoted on popular websites, including MSN.com and via Associated Press.

🏅 Build authority and strengthen your online reputation.

🚀 Grow your business faster as a recognized leader in your community or niche.

Learn How We Help You Get Quoted to Attract More Clients Online

💬 Getting quoted in major publications and popular websites is an effective way to build authority, strengthen your online reputation, and boost your SEO to rank higher in online search results.

Financial advisors who sign up for a Wealthtender Growth or Elite subscription plan enjoy exclusive opportunities to gain national media recognition on sites like MSN.com, hundreds of newspapers nationwide through Associated Press syndication, and visibility across personal finance websites in the Wealthtender Financial Network. Click here to learn more.

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Build Trust with Online Reviews
to Get More Clients Online.

🎉 The new SEC Marketing Rule is a game-changer in advisor marketing.

🥇 Wealthtender is the first SEC-compliant financial advisor review platform.

Your online reviews become an evergreen source of digital referrals.

😲 Unlike Google Reviews, you don’t have to make your client list public.

Learn How Wealthtender Helps You Succeed with Testimonial Marketing

Wealthtender is the first financial advisor online review website compliant with the new SEC Marketing Rule. We provide you with the playbook to succeed with testimonial marketing so you can attract the next generation of investors to your practice.

How Wealthtender Compares to General Review Platforms

Where you choose to collect, display and promote testimonials and endorsements matters. This is especially true for financial advisors and wealth management firms interested in making the most of the new SEC Marketing Rule to succeed with online reviews compliantly.

When you’re ready to get started with testimonial marketing, Wealthtender offers the industry’s first playbook with templates and checklists to turn your online reviews into a powerful source of digital referrals for years to come. Below is a quick comparison of Wealthtender to Google reviews, or click here for a deeper dive with tips to choose the right online review platform for you.

Features and PoliciesWealthtenderGoogle
Search Engine Optimization Benefits 🟢 🟢
Compliant with SEC Marketing Rule🟢🔴
Anonymous Client Reviews Permitted🟢🔴
Turn Reviews Feature On/Off Anytime🟢🔴
No Competitors Shown On Your Page🟢🔴

💡 Learn more about Certified Advisor Reviews™ from Wealthtender.

Learn How Certified Advisor Reviews™ Help You Get More Clients Online

Introducing Certified Advisor Reviews™

Certified Advisor Reviews™ help consumers make smarter hiring decisions when choosing a financial advisor.

Wealthtender is the first financial advisor review platform designed to be fully compliant with the SEC Investment Adviser Marketing rule. (Learn More)

With Certified Advisor Reviews™, you can:

  • Confidently ask your clients (and acquaintances) for reviews
  • Promote your reviews to attract new clients
  • Strengthen your online reputation with clients and prospects 
  • Establish your trustworthiness with Google and Bing
  • Demonstrate your consumers’ interests first mindset
  • Unlock reviews trapped on sites like Google and Yelp
  • Import and certify reviews from Google & all other platforms

Michael Kitces Offers His Perspective on Certified Advisor Reviews™

“… Wealthtender is launching a more centralized “Advisor Reviews” platform, where advisors can sign up for a page on Wealthtender that centralizes all of their Google, Yelp, and other third-party website reviews, and repackages them as “Certified Advisor Reviews” (reviewed by Wealthtender) for which the advisor can add a Reviews badge to their website (linking to their Wealthtender profile).

…Nonetheless, the reality is that because testimonials have long been recognized as such a powerful marketing tool – including in financial services, where for decades they were only banned because they were deemed too influential and at risk for abuse! – it seems inevitable that client testimonials will soon become a core part of advisor marketing. The only question is how, exactly, advisory firms will find it best to collect and share them for the (right) prospects to see?”

– Michael Kitces at Nerd’s Eye View
The Latest in Financial #AdvisorTech (June 2021)

Thinking about asking for reviews on sites like Google or Yelp? Think again.

We’ll be the first to admit if we’re wrong. But we’re not wavering in our belief that forthcoming SEC guidance will clarify that review platforms like Google and Yelp simply aren’t compatible with the SEC Marketing rule, thus limiting acceptable use of these platforms to only include unsolicited reviews.

Here’s What We Know with Certainty:

Google and Yelp are well-known review platforms popular with consumers. And many advisors already have unsolicited reviews written about them visible on these sites. If these are favorable reviews and are truly unsolicited, that’s terrific as advisors gain SEO benefits and visibility among consumers visiting these sites.

But because reviews on Google and Yelp lack the required SEC disclosures to be considered advertisements (e.g. testimonials and endorsements you can promote to grow your business), advisors can’t direct prospects to check out their reviews on these platforms. 

Here’s What We Don’t (Yet) Know:

Unlike unsolicited reviews published on Google or Yelp, the SEC has not formally offered guidance to clarify if solicited reviews on Google and Yelp are deemed an advertisement, and therefore subject to the prohibitions and disclosure requirements described in the SEC Marketing rule. So the question we need the SEC to answer is: Does the act of a financial advisor simply asking for a review to be written on specific platforms like Google or Yelp entangle an advisor in its creation and trigger the prohibitions and disclosure requirements?

While industry opinions are mixed on the guidance the SEC will ultimately provide, we believe it’s highly likely the SEC will take issue with advisors proactively soliciting reviews on platforms known to be incompatible with the Marketing rule. With its principles-based rule intended to ensure consumers gain important information to make more informed decisions, we don’t expect the SEC to look favorably upon a rampant proliferation of advisor reviews on platforms incapable of addressing the Marketing rule’s prohibitions and disclosure expectations.

Further, we believe the SEC could point to FINRA Regulatory Notice 17-18 that addresses this topic covering testimonials of registered representatives. In the notice, FINRA states: “FINRA does not regard unsolicited third-party opinions or comments posted on a social network to be communications of the broker-dealer or the representative for purposes of Rule 2210, including the requirements related to testimonials in paragraph (d)(6).”  

Wealthtender has submitted written requests for clarification on this matter to the SEC (likely along with many other industry participants) and we monitor the SEC’s Marketing rule FAQ page daily. We’ll share updates as additional SEC guidance becomes known.

October 12, 2021 Update: The SEC Investment Adviser Regulation Office (within the Division of Investment Management) responded by email to Wealthtender confirming their team will consider updating the SEC Marketing rule FAQ page to address the analogous question answered by FINRA in Regulatory Notice 17-18 that could put this matter to rest.

Turn Certified Advisor Reviews on at any time. We’re ready when you are.

💡 Learn more about Certified Advisor Reviews™ from Wealthtender.

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Unable to Get Started with Testimonials?

It’s ok. You’re not alone. We know it could take some time before you’re able to move forward depending upon your registration status at federal and state levels (and when your compliance team is ready to give you the green light). When you’re ready, we’ll be here to help you get started. 

Join Wealthtender today to strengthen your online reputation, build authority in your areas of specialization, and attract your ideal clients. With so many benefits to help you get more clients online, you’ll be in great shape to get started with testimonials and online reviews when you’re ready.

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Learn More About Subscription Choices

Whether you handle marketing yourself or partner with a marketing consultant, joining Wealthtender is a smart and affordable way to amplify your marketing efforts and accelerate your opportunities for growth.

With our Done For You quick start option available at no additional cost, you’ll enjoy benefits right away without lifting a finger. Or choose the Hands On option to get started today personalizing your profile as easy as editing your LinkedIn page.

Simply choose the subscription plan best for you. Every plan comes with an affordable monthly cost and no long-term commitment. Change plans or cancel anytime. We work hard to earn your business each month.

Read FAQs and Learn About More Benefits

Get answers to FAQs and learn about more benefits of joining Wealthtender by visiting this page.

A Message from Our Founder

Hi there! 👋

Thanks for your interest in joining Wealthtender.

Every day, we wake up with one goal in mind. Helping you get more clients online.

Your Small Monthly Investment Generates Long-Term ROI

Many lead gen platforms take a percentage of your management fee when they match you with a prospect. While these services can be effective in adding new clients, the cost can be steep.

When you join Wealthtender, your digital marketing investment compounds over time, paying dividends when an increasing number of your future clients find you directly online. And when they do, your advisory fee is yours to keep.

A Top 5 Marketing Strategy for Around $1/Day

By joining Wealthtender, you benefit from a top 5 marketing strategy1, plus your digital marketing ROI is supercharged with our industry-leading Domain Authority rank that’s unprecedented in the category.

Along with many additional benefits to help you generate the maximum ROI from your digital marketing investment, joining Wealthtender offers a smart way to complement your marketing activities that are working well, and replace those that aren’t.

For less than the cost of one tank of gas each month, you’re pumping high octane marketing fuel into your business to accelerate your growth and get more clients online.

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Brian Thorp Wealthtender CEO

Brian Thorp
Wealthtender Founder & CEO
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Email: brian@wealthtender.com
Phone: (512) 856-5406

1 Read the Kitces Study

According to a 2020 industry benchmarking study conducted by Michael Kitces at Nerd’s Eye View, paid web listing platforms like Wealthtender rank as a category among the Top 5 Most Cost-Effective Marketing Strategies for advisors.

Standout Strategies #4 & #7 for Top Marketing Performers are benefits offered by Wealthtender to XYPN members.

This article authored by Michael Kitces offers valuable insights into the marketing strategies of more than 800 financial advisors who participated in a 2020 industry benchmarking study.

We’re grateful for the tireless efforts by Michael Kitces and his team whose passion for advisor excellence positively influences how we design Wealthtender to help financial advisors grow their business with modern advisor marketing.

Please click the link below to read this article on Nerd’s Eye View.

The Most Efficient Financial Advisor Marketing Strategies And The True Cost To Acquire A Client

Get Started in < 2 Minutes.

Financial advisors who join Wealthtender are positioned to lead the industry in attracting new clients throughout the historic transfer of trillions of dollars in wealth from Baby Boomers to Millennials over the next decade.

💬 What Do Advisors Say About Joining Wealthtender?

“Wealthtender is an absolutely vital resource for our marketing and brand recognition needs.  They literally “do it all” from helping maximize SEO benefits to providing media requests to suggesting blog posts or content ideas to help get your name out – you name it!  Wealthtender’s vision of becoming a robust advisor database is also very needed given the problems with the CFP search tool and the fragmentation between all the different types of advisors and financial coaches.”

Eric Simonson, CFP®, CRPC®, CLTC®

Abundo Wealth

“Prospective clients have many financial advisors to choose from, and online presence is critical during their evaluation process.  Wealthtender makes it easy for me to build rapport with prospects well before they reach out for an initial consultation.

Brian Thorp wants to see financial professionals succeed, and this is evident in all of the marketing features provided to Wealthtender community members.  In addition to digital presence and SEO optimization, there are plenty of opportunities for financial advisors like myself to be quoted in national news publications.”

Deb Meyer, CFP®, CPA/PFS, CEPA


“I can truly say that Wealthtender is a part of my team. They are in my corner, not only marketing my firm, highlighting my services, but cheering me on (as provided by the opportunity for us to post a blog, article, or other mention weekly, and then Wealthtender shares that with the rest of the world). Instead of me marketing my firm, which I can and still do, I know that Wealthtender is doing it as well. The price point is fantastic for the value that you receive.”

Maggie Klokkenga, CFP®, CPA

Make a Money Mindshift

“As an advisor, educator, and entrepreneur I understand very well how consumers and learners think and process information before making a decision. Even though I have spent countless hours updating and tweaking my own firm’s website to my liking, I still find myself referring prospective financial planning clients to my profile on Wealthtender BEFORE I even mention my website to them. Not only does Wealthtender provide additional guides and resources I can easily share with my current clients and prospects, the platform pulls together the most relevant information in one place so visitors know exactly who I am, what I offer, who I work with, how I charge, and what my interests are in a succinct fashion. At the end of the day, Wealthtender allows me to reduce information overload for prospective clients and more easily communicate my unique value proposition in an automated way that still remains personal at its core – which is the true key to building lifelong professional relationships in any profession.”

Ross Riskin, DBA, CPA/PFS, CCFC, MS Tax

Riskin Wealth Management

“Wealthtender is a great addition to other websites that new RIA business owners can get listed on. It helps us get leads, more press coverage, more opportunities to get into podcasts and further helps to prove our credibility.

The amount of support and help we all get for the cost of Wealthtender makes it easy to justify the cost. I’m confident I won’t be off of Wealthtender for a long time, if ever.”

Blaine Thiederman MBA, CFP®

Progress Wealth Management

“I’ve enjoyed being a member of Wealthtender, there was just something I found so refreshing about the work you were doing and you were just and still are so authentic. So glad to have been one of the first members.”

“Whether you’re looking for tips on getting out of debt, making a career move, finding a financial planner (hello!), or something else personal finance-related, Wealthtender is a good place to start.”

Ryan Firth

Mercer Street

Advisory Firm Growth Solutions

We help wealth management firms grow faster and more profitably
with flat fee lead generation and digital marketing services.

How Will Your Firm Get Clients Online?
(Without Sacrificing 25% Of Your Revenue.)

Many lead gen platforms take a significant percentage of your management fee when they match your advisors with a prospect. While these services can be effective in adding new clients quickly, the cost can be steep.

When your firm joins Wealthtender, your flat fee digital marketing investment compounds over time, paying dividends when an increasing number of your future clients find you and your advisors directly online. And when they do, your advisory fee is yours to keep.

Wealthtender complements revenue-sharing lead gen platforms in the near term while positioning you to acquire an increasing percentage of clients organically for years to come. You’ll also enjoy a 20% advisory firm discount when you sign up for Wealthtender with multiple advisors.

Brian Thorp Wealthtender CEO

Brian Thorp
Wealthtender Founder & CEO
LinkedIn Profile
Email: brian@wealthtender.com
Phone: (512) 856-5406

Increase Visibility for Your Firm.
And Collect Testimonials Compliantly.

When two or more financial advisors from the same firm join Wealthtender, we’ll create a profile page for your firm for inclusion in the Advisory Firm Directory.

Your firm profile page offers an additional way for prospective clients to learn what’s unique about your services and team, with quick access to individual profile pages for each affiliated advisor.

You can also collect and display testimonials for your firm in compliance with SEC Marketing rule requirements. Learn more about Certified Advisor Reviews™.

Showcase Your Firm on Wealthtender.
Stand Out and Strengthen Your SEO.

In addition to your firm’s directory listing, a showcase Q&A article published on Wealthtender helps you reach a broader audience and provides SEO benefits to increase your firm’s visibility in online search results.

We’ll work with you to determine a few questions that can help people understand what makes your firm unique with answers provided by your founder, CEO, or another team member.

Recent Firm Showcase Examples for:

Use Custom Widgets from Wealthtender for Your Firm’s Unique Needs

Looking for White Label Solutions?

Whether you’re looking for a fully compliant plug & play solution to showcase your advisors and their Certified Advisor Reviews on your website, or you’re interested in customized widgets without incurring development costs, white label solutions from Wealthtender may be ideal for your needs.

With widgets designed for easy installation on your own website or hosted for you on wealthtender.com, we’re happy to discuss ways we can help you achieve your goals.