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The World Has Changed. Are You Ready?

The next generation of investors doesn’t want to be sold to; They want to feel informed and educated.

Modern Advisor Marketing with Wealthtender ensures your future clients gain the knowledge and reassurance they’re looking for online to hire you with confidence and conviction.

With plans starting around $1 / day, you’re joining financial advisors on Wealthtender positioned to lead the industry in attracting new clients throughout the historic transfer of trillions of dollars in wealth from Baby Boomers to Millennials over the next decade.

Are you ready to optimize your online reputation?

Enhance the Top of
Your Marketing Funnel

The top of the modern advisor marketing funnel is all about creating awareness for your professional brand & your unique services.

When you join Wealthtender, you gain visibility with thousands of visitors to wealthtender.com each month who want to improve their financial wellbeing.

Your optimized Wealthtender profile page showcases your experience, credentials and areas of specialization to help consumers looking for a financial advisor make more informed hiring decisions.

And by connecting your calendar tool using Calendly, HubSpot or dozens of other platforms, the top of your marketing funnel isn’t just creating awareness, it could also be sending you future clients.

Is the top of your marketing funnel in tip-top shape?

Put the Middle of Your
Marketing Funnel to Work

The middle of your marketing funnel involves building authority and growing trust to generate interest among the right prospects for your practice.

By joining Wealthtender, your benefits include opportunities to be featured and quoted in published resources to gain:

  • Optimal visibility to attract your ideal clients at exactly the right time
  • Search engine optimization benefits helping your website rank higher
  • Highly shareable content for use with clients, prospects and COIs

How are you building authority online to attract your ideal clients?

Increase Trust with
Your Online Reviews

Consumers rely on a combination of facts and emotional cues when choosing to hire a financial advisor. Online reviews satisfy the emotional needs of consumers, increasing their confidence in choosing an advisor and their likelihood of taking action.

With Certified Advisor Reviews™, you can:

  • Confidently ask your clients (and acquaintances) for reviews
  • Promote your reviews to attract new clients
  • Import and certify reviews from Google & all other platforms
  • Strengthen your online reputation with clients and prospects 
  • Establish your trustworthiness with Google and Bing
  • Demonstrate your consumers’ interests first mindset
  • Unlock reviews trapped on sites like Google and Yelp
Michael Kitces Offers His Perspective on Certified Advisor Reviews™

“… Wealthtender is launching a more centralized “Advisor Reviews” platform, where advisors can sign up for a page on Wealthtender that centralizes all of their Google, Yelp, and other third-party website reviews, and repackages them as “Certified Advisor Reviews” (reviewed by Wealthtender) for which the advisor can add a Reviews badge to their website (linking to their Wealthtender profile).

…Nonetheless, the reality is that because testimonials have long been recognized as such a powerful marketing tool – including in financial services, where for decades they were only banned because they were deemed too influential and at risk for abuse! – it seems inevitable that client testimonials will soon become a core part of advisor marketing. The only question is how, exactly, advisory firms will find it best to collect and share them for the (right) prospects to see?”

– Michael Kitces at Nerd’s Eye View
The Latest in Financial #AdvisorTech (June 2021)

Turn Certified Advisor Reviews on at any time. We’re ready when you are.

Are you ready to get started
with online reviews?

A step-by-step playbook to turn your online reviews
into an evergreen source of digital referrals.

Reviews are a powerful new tool to
grow your advisory business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do financial advisors join Wealthtender?

Wealthtender is a modern digital marketing platform helping advisors build authority as a leader in their areas of specialization to attract clients who are a good fit for their practice.

Most people do their research online before deciding where to eat, what to buy or the professionals they hire. The next generation of investors are no different when it comes to choosing a financial advisor.

Wealthtender helps people find the best financial advisors for their individual needs, no matter their income or stage of life. With hundreds of articles, guides and easy to use directories, advisors who join Wealthtender are attracting their ideal clients and boosting their reputation online.

And by joining the Wealthtender community, advisors gain referral opportunities from our growing network of financial professionals and educators.

With thousands of people visiting wealthtender.com each month, we deliver a high value, low cost complement to traditional advisor marketing to strengthen your top and middle of the funnel activities and optimize your online reputation.

What are Certified Advisor Reviews™?

Certified Advisor Reviews™ from Wealthtender are designed to comply with the new SEC rule and provide the transparency consumers deserve when their life savings could be at stake. For example, consumers will know if:

  • Compensation in any form was provided for a review
  • Conflicts of interest may have influenced a review 
  • A review was written by a client or other acquaintance of the advisor

To earn the Certified Advisor Review™ mark, a review must display this information clearly and prominently, along with supplemental disclosures provided by financial advisors to meet federal and/or state regulatory requirements.

Financial advisors on Wealthtender who remain in good standing are authorized to display the Certified Advisor Reviews™ badge on their website, email signature and social media accounts.

Why should financial advisors convert reviews from sites like Yelp and Google into Certified Advisor Reviews™ on Wealthtender?

By converting reviews from sites like Yelp and Google into Certified Advisor Reviews™, financial advisors provide consumers the transparency and additional information they deserve to judge the accuracy and merits of reviews.

And because Certified Advisor Reviews™ are designed to be fully compliant with the SEC Marketing rule, financial advisors can turn reviews otherwise off-limits into powerful testimonials to proactively attract new clients. 

How does Wealthtender compare to other financial advisor digital marketing platforms?

With thousands of consumers visiting Wealthtender each month and our growing network of financial influencers (blogs and podcasts) who reach millions, Wealthtender is uniquely positioned to help advisors attract their ideal clients.

No financial advisor digital marketing platform offers the features and benefits that set Wealthtender apart. Examples include:

  • Enhance top and middle of the funnel marketing effectiveness by creating greater awareness, building authority and establishing trust
  • Collect and display Certified Advisor Reviews™ to turn your clients’ feedback into powerful testimonials that drive referrals to your business. (Note: this is an optional feature that by default is turned off and can be turned on by advisors who choose to opt-in.)
  • Get quoted and featured in articles and guides to build authority in areas of specialization to attract ideal clients.
  • SEO benefits by being featured on Wealthtender to improve advisor visibility and ranking in Google search results.
  • Gain referrals from financial professionals and educators in the Wealthtender community.
  • Weekly promotion opportunities for advisors to amplify the reach of their own articles and other content on social media.
  • Consumer discovery of advisor website content through our proprietary personal finance search engine.

Wealthtender complements the marketing solutions you value most and can replace legacy platforms no longer delivering results.

Why should financial advisors join Wealthtender?

For financial advisors looking to grow their practice, Wealthtender offers a low cost, high value complement to other marketing efforts with features designed to strengthen your top and middle of the marketing funnel efforts.

In fact, Michael Kitces identified paid web listing services like Wealthtender asrounding out the top 5 most-efficient strategies for advisor marketing dollars when it comes to client acquisition, and that’s before taking into account the additional features and benefits offered exclusively to financial advisors in our community.

And now with Certified Advisor Reviews™ from Wealthtender, you’re ready to lead the industry in attracting new clients over the next decade.

Unlike many paid listing services where your profile page is all you get, Wealthtender offers advisors opportunities to also be quoted in articles, featured in guides and gain added reach on social media each week.

By joining Wealthtender, you enjoy opportunities for referrals from financial coaches in our community and increased visibility when the hundreds of finance blogs and podcasts in our network refer their readers and listeners to Wealthtender to hire an advisor.

We’re always looking for new ways to help advisors grow. You can sign up for a monthly subscription plan and cancel anytime. It’s up to us to earn your business each and every month. When it comes to digital marketing for financial advisors, we’re committed to delivering unprecedented value.

How much does Wealthtender cost?

Wealthtender offers monthly subscription plans for financial advisors starting at less than $1/day.

🔔 Limited Time Offer: Join today and enjoy 50% off the first 3 months of any plan you choose when you sign up with code SAVE50.

How has Wealthtender prepared for the SEC Investment Adviser Marketing rule?

The SEC Investment Adviser Marketing rule offers exciting opportunities for financial advisors to attract new clients and boost their online reputation.

Wealthtender is the first independent financial advisor review platform designed to be fully compliant with the new SEC rule to help advisors make the most of this historic opportunity.

Unlike Google Reviews which display competitors on advisor profile pages and lack required SEC disclosures, Wealthtender is specifically designed to help advisors stand apart while complying fully with the regulations unique to our industry.

We were the first platform mentioned by Michael Kitces for our thought leadership in this area and we’re working closely with industry leaders and stakeholders to ensure a superior experience for advisors on the Wealthtender platform.

To learn more about how Wealthtender compares to Google Reviews and other potential financial advisor review platforms, click here.

I’m Ready to Join. How Do I Get Started?

It’s easy to join financial advisors on Wealthtender who know the power of modern marketing to grow their business.

1️⃣ Click here to choose your subscription plan.
2️⃣ Provide a few details and begin to personalize your profile page.
3️⃣ Watch your inbox for tips to make the most of your subscription.

Simple as that! Have questions? Email yourfriends@wealthtender anytime.

🔔 Limited Time Offer: Join today and enjoy 50% off the first 3 months of any plan you choose with code SAVE50.

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The world has changed and we’re ready to help you succeed as the next generation of investors becomes your now opportunity for growth.

Financial advisors who join Wealthtender are prepared to lead the industry in attracting new clients throughout the historic transfer of trillions of dollars in wealth from Baby Boomers to Millennials over the next decade. Join today and:

✅ Enhance your top and middle of the funnel marketing effectiveness by creating greater awareness, building authority and establishing trust
✅ Get quoted and featured in articles and guides to build authority in areas of specialization to attract your ideal clients.
✅ Gain SEO benefits that enhance your visibility online and improve rankings in Google search results.
✅ Earn referrals from financial professionals and educators in the Wealthtender community.
✅ Collect and display Certified Advisor Reviews™ to turn your clients’ feedback into powerful testimonials that drive referrals to your business.
✅ And more!

How can I help you today? Schedule a Zoom meeting or reach out anytime and let’s discuss how your business can reach new heights with Wealthtender.

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Advisors Thrive With Wealthtender

Financial advisors join Wealthtender to attract new clients and build authority.
Wealthtender offers unique opportunities for advisors to grow their practice.

Jeremy is proud of the financial certifications he’s earned. And each week, Jeremy gets noticed by prospective clients reading articles on wealthtender.com about the designations he holds, including CFP, CFA and CKA.

Advisors joining Wealthtender are automatically listed in articles for each designation they’ve earned, reaching more people interested in their credentials.

Ryan’s areas of specialization include helping people interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. By featuring Ryan in articles and resources like this Q&A related to his niche, he’s creating awareness and gaining recognition as a leading authority on cryptocurrencies.

Do you specialize in a niche? By joining Wealthtender, you gain opportunities like Ryan to attract the right prospects to your practice.

Deb has been quoted in multiple Wealthtender articles, including this syndicated article on MSN.com increasing her authority and visibility with potential future clients in her desired demographic.

When advisors join Wealthtender, the opportunity to reach new clients extends beyond our platform to popular publications and influential finance websites and podcasts with millions of readers and listeners.

Deb Meyer


Vrishin is a proud member of the XY Planning Network offering services virtually to Millennial and Gen Z clients nationwide. When consumers read our article Should You Hire an XY Planning Network Financial Advisor, Vrishin gains visibility with prospects who value his association with the network.

Advisors affiliated with XY Planning Network are automatically featured in this article upon joining Wealthtender to attract the next generation of clients to grow their business.

Vrishin Subramaniam


Stephanie co-hosts the Take Back Retirement podcast for Gen X and Baby Boomer women. With a free profile page in the Wealthtender finance podcast directory as part of her subscription, Stephanie attracts new subscribers who may become future clients.

Advisors who publish a finance blog or host a podcast can create free profile pages in the Wealthtender finance blog and podcast directories included with their subscription.

Stephanie McCullough

Sofia Financial

Jay is interested in growing his practice locally in the town of New Bern, North Carolina where he is active in the community. Jay gains recognition for his local presence in the Wealthtender Guide to Advisors in New Bern.

All advisors who join Wealthtender are featured in a local guide for opportunities to attract clients who live nearby.