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The AGC™ is a safe, collaborative community of 160+ financial advisors who come together to connect and support each other.

Online Community

The AGC™ is a private online network where you can interact, engage, and collaborate with like-minded advisors.

Webinars + Workshops

Focused on personal growth, marketing, content creation, practice management, and more!

Resource Library

A community-built library of resources (templates, deliverables, checklists, etc.) to help advisors grow.

By Advisors, For Advisors

In 2019, Justin Castelli, CFP® & Taylor Schulte, CFP®, created a private community for financial advisors like no other.

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“By joining forces with Wealthtender, AGC and its members thrive through a combination of its vibrant advisor community and access to an industry-leading digital marketing platform with benefits worth over $700 a year provided to members at no additional cost.”

The AGC fosters community, collaboration, and inspiration with industry-leading tools for implementation.


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Why aren’t all AGC members featured above?

While the AGC community includes licensed financial advisors based in the US and overseas, Wealthtender operates exclusively in the US today. The US map and directory above exclude AGC members not licensed in the US.

In addition, AGC respects the privacy of its members, including financial advisors who choose to participate in community activities on their own terms and those under the supervision of regulated firms that haven’t yet approved their inclusion.

Get to Know The AGC™

The AGC™ (Advisors Growing as a Community) is a private, online community for growth-minded advisors.

It’s for advisors who are lifelong learnerscommitted to self-discovery, and eager to collaborate with their peers.

All financial advisor career paths are unique, but they all benefit from common experiences:

  • Enriched education
  • Professional networking
  • Interactive collaborations
  • Access to powerful tools and resources

Gaining value from those experiences is only possible when the culture is rooted in safety.

A Safe Community

The need for safe places providing acceptance, development, and collaboration has never been more important.

That culture and commitment is the core The AGC™.

Our community tenets and benefits:

  • A safe place to ask questions, experiment with ideas, engage with peers, and grow without fear of judgment or rejection.
  • Relationship-building opportunities with successful peers that can yield solutions to problems, provide accountability, and establish friendships.
  • Premium and discounted access to new courses, content, and other offerings from the founders.
  • A community that welcomes members from diverse backgrounds including race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, neurodiversity, and physical ableness.
  • A focused environment to accelerate learning and networking due to the absence of noisy conversations and immature colleagues.
  • A privacy-first attitude toward all aspects of the community.

Affordable On Any Budget

Join The AGC™ with an annual membership paid upfront for just $1,499. We want you to make sure this community is a good fit for you and offer a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. Click here to join now.

Alternatively, get started with a monthly membership for $149/month. You can switch to an annual membership for additional savings at any time. To get started with a monthly membership, please email

Your AGC membership includes access to the top tier of Wealthtender digital marketing benefits, valued at over $700 annually, at no additional cost.

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