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Wealthtender is dedicated to helping you discover the best financial advisors, coaches, educators and resources based on your individual needs.

While other sites start by asking for your zip code, we believe you deserve to work with the financial professionals who are best for you, even if that means they don’t live nearby.

In today’s world, you can choose to work with a financial advisor or coach hundreds of miles away or a few blocks down the street. It’s up to you.

Our growing library of articles and guides will help you get to know financial professionals who specialize in working with people like you who share your interests, occupation or are experts in the services you need today.

You deserve a trusted guide who can help you reach your money goals with a personalized plan. Let’s find the right wealthtender for you.

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Brian Thorp, Founder, Wealthtender

Hi there! Thanks for visiting Wealthtender.

If you’ve spent time on the most popular search engines lately, you likely share my frustration that advertisements often outnumber links to the useful resources we’re hoping to find.

With millions of people searching the internet everyday looking for help with money matters from people they can trust, we want Wealthtender to end the frustration for everyone who is ready to enjoy life more with less money stress.

With Wealthtender, you’ll spend less time scrolling through search results and more time getting to know trusted financial professionals and educators who are committed to helping you reduce financial stress, improve your financial health and increase your wealth.

Whether you’re thinking about hiring a financial advisor or coach, or prefer to explore our directories of blogs, podcasts, online courses and nonprofit resources, there’s no pressure and we encourage you to engage on your own terms.

You’ll discover financial professionals and educators whose unique perspectives and diverse life experiences offer you considerable choice when selecting those you want to connect with or follow. And with ratings and reviews provided by their clients and subscribers, you’ll learn firsthand how providers established their reputation as a trustworthy resource for help with money matters.

We’re just getting started on our mission to help people enjoy life more with less money stress. If you have feedback to share or ideas on how we can improve Wealthtender, I would love to hear from you. Please drop me a line or give me a ring anytime.

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