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Wealthtender helps people achieve their financial goals in a community environment designed for learning with a personal touch.
By partnering personal finance guides with people looking for answers to life’s money challenges, we’re creating an online destination that puts people in the driver’s seat, providing the financial knowledge they need to make educated and informed decisions at any income or stage of life.
We are dedicated to helping everyone enjoy life more with less money stress.

A note from our founder

Quote - Wealthtender helps people achieve their financial goals

Hi there! Thank you for visiting Wealthtender.

If you have already spent time on Wealthtender reading a few of the articles from our diverse team of writers, I hope you have found the writing to be insightful and inspiring. We’re fortunate to have a very talented and passionate group of writers who are dedicated to helping our readers reduce financial stress in their lives so they can enjoy life more.

When it comes to help with money matters, I like to think of our writers as an extension of my family and friends sharing their own triumphs and failures so I might follow in their footsteps while sidestepping their mistakes.

We often find it helpful to ask our family and friends how they coped with financial challenges during major life events, but this limits the knowledge we can gain to a fairly small circle of people. By expanding our circle to include the growing team of writers at Wealthtender, we benefit from a broader array of knowledge from personal finance enthusiasts whose experience in life may more closely resemble our own. I encourage you to review the profiles of our writers to see what I mean.

My decision to launch Wealthtender was inspired by the hundreds of personal finance writers today who share their own insights through blogs and other sites with a similar mission of helping readers improve their financial health. Wealthtender is proud to join this personal finance community and is committed to elevating the profile of the community’s writers and money coaches as an integral complement to the thousands of financial advisors who collectively help millions of people achieve their financial goals.

We’re just getting started on our mission to help people enjoy life more with less money stress. Whether you join Wealthtender as a contributing writer, reader or become a conversation starter within the community, we welcome your participation and support. Sign up with Wealthtender today and I’ll look forward to welcoming you as the newest member of our growing community.

If you have feedback to share or ideas on how we can improve Wealthtender to help more people on their path to financial freedom, I would love to hear from you. Please drop me a line or give me a ring anytime.

Thank you.

Brian Thorp
Founder and CEO, Wealthtender
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