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Save More with These Frugal Living and Budget Blogs

Do you get excited when you check the mail and find an envelope filled with coupons? You’re not alone! Those savings can add up quickly to help keep your household budget under control.

Whether you consider yourself to be frugal or just smart with your money, holding yourself accountable to a budget helps you live within your means and keep your financial goals on track.

But do you know all the best tips and tricks to live frugally and within a budget while still enjoying life?

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Fortunately, there are lots of great frugal living and budget blogs written by people passionate about helping you learn from their own experiences and lifestyle choices.

Your Guide to the Best Frugal Living and Budget Blogs

To help you spend less time online sorting through hundreds of blogs, we prepared this guide to help you find the best frugal living and budget blogs for you.

You’ll find that many of the most popular and newer frugal living and budget blogs have a profile page on Wealthtender created by their owners to help you decide if their site is right for you.

Click on a blog preview card below to open its complete profile page on Wealthtender. You’ll find a more detailed description provided by the blog owner, including when the site launched, specific topics they cover, reader reviews, social media accounts and more.

If you like what you see, click the link to view their website and sign up for their subscriber newsletter. This is a great way to decide if their blog is right for you (and easy to unsubscribe if you feel otherwise). Many frugal living and budget blogs also have online communities of like-minded readers who support each other and share money saving tips and ideas.

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Blog Owners on the Benefits of Being Frugal and Using a Budget

We asked owners of several frugal living and budgeting blogs to share in their own words the benefits of being frugal and using a budget. Here are some of our favorites:


“I always say “a budget is a dream with a plan.” Because if you want to turn “someday I’d like to”, or “my dream is to”, into a reality, you need a plan to get there.
A budget is simply a tool to help you bridge the gap from where you are, to where you want to be.
I use a budget because it helps me make the most of every dollar that passes through my hands. It helps me stay on track toward my goals, and stop wasting money on things are aren’t important.”

– Jacob Wade

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Money Buffalo

“Being frugal makes it easier for us to spot good deals on a variety of products and service for when we splurge and make a large purchase. Keeping our expenses low has also let us set aside spare cash to make larger investments. For instance, we bought a rental property last summer and we could take out a smaller loan which boosts our net income.”

– Josh

Metalhead Money

“Everyone has a different perspective on what it means to be “frugal.” For some folks, that’s only going to Dunkin once a week; for others, it’s reusing teabags at home.
Being frugal in some areas, such as clothing, cars, and vacations, gives me more money to spend on hobbies I enjoy, like my band!”

– Metalhead Money

The Curious Frugal

“Being frugal is not about being cheap, or denying yourself all non-essentials. It is about being mindful of your spending, and using money on what is most important to you, while minimizing other purchases. Frugal living does not have to feel like deprivation!”

– Suchot

Money Saving Central

“Frugality and Budgeting are hugely important. In this day and age where we all work long hours to provide for ourselves and families, making the most out of our earnings is key.
Budgeting is one of the easiest ways to save cash and keep on track of your finances. You should always track your income and expenditure down to the last penny so that you don’t overspend and you know what is reasonable to cut back on and how much you can put away in your savings.”

– Money Saving Central

The Frugal Samurai

“Being frugal doesn’t just stop at penny-pinching or stretching out every dollar. No, being frugal allows you to have options with your money. And having options with your money means you have options with your time. The most valuable commodity on the planet!”

– Victor

Carreira Finance

“It doesn’t matter how much money you earn if you don’t know where it goes. What matters is how much money you keep. And what better financial tool than a budget to help you keep more out of your money. A budget is the foundation of personal finance. You want to save money to buy a big purchase, you want to get out of debt, you want to invest more money, you need a budget.”

– Marco

Frugal Rules

“People often confuse living frugally as difficult, or living like a miser. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Living frugally is about giving each dollar a purpose and aligning it with your goals. When done wisely, frugality is simple and can help you put your money towards things you place higher value on.”

– John Schmoll, Founder

Stack Your Dollars

“Being frugal isn’t just a habit of the poor, but also of the rich. Spending wisely and living below your means is the only way to keep the money you earn and not go broke. For now, being frugal might mean you have to stop going out to lunch so often to save money; later, it could mean buying the 5 bedroom mansion because 10 bedrooms just doesn’t make sense!”

– Martina

Go From Broke

“People often complain about budgets being too restrictive or confining, but if you’re feeling that way, you’re doing it wrong. A budget is simply a plan to align your spending with your priorities so you can achieve your financial goals. Most broken budgets are caused by people trying to align their spending with someone else’s values instead of determining their own.”

– Natalie

Mighty Bargain Hunter

“The key with any budget is consistency.
Of all of the budgeting systems we’ve used to get a handle on our finances, the system we settled on was low-tech: a bunch of printed spreadsheets and a pen.
We’ve been using this for nearly three years, and our finances have never been in better control!”

– John Wedding

Discover Highly Rated and Top Frugal Living and Budget Blogs

One factor worth considering when evaluating frugal living and budget blogs is the reputation they’ve established with their readers. Just as sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor help people find the highest rated restaurants and hotels, Wealthtender helps you learn more about the best frugal living and budget blogs based on feedback from their readers.

We encourage blog owners to invite their readers to leave a review on their profile page. When readers post reviews on Wealthtender, you’ll learn why they’re a fan and what they like most to help you decide if the blog is right for you.

If you don’t see ratings for a blog, remember they may have just recently launched, prefer not to ask readers for reviews, are written for a smaller audience, or only recently joined Wealthtender.

Just below, you’ll find a list of five-star frugal living and budget blogs based on feedback from their readers.

Five Star Frugal & Budget Blogs Badge

To qualify for the Five-Star award, a blog must have at least four five-star ratings from its readers on Wealthtender and maintain an overall rating of 4.5 stars or higher.

Five-Star Frugal & Budget Blogs:


Carreira Finance | Profile Page | Website

Money Saving Central | Profile Page | Website

The Money Boss | Profile Page | Website

Money Saved is Money Earned | Profile Page | Website

We update this list regularly when additional blogs qualify for the award.

Top Frugal & Budget Blogs badge

Top Frugal & Budget Blogs include all blogs featured in this guide which were selected by Wealthtender for inclusion based upon the relevance and quality of content available to their readers.

Wealthtender is proud to recognize and celebrate the highly rated and top frugal living and budget blogs featured in this guide.

Please note that Wealthtender may earn money or receive other benefits from blogs featured on our site and within this guide. Five-star awards are earned based on reader reviews, not compensation to Wealthtender. Learn more about how we operate with integrity to earn your trust by reading our full disclosure policy at wealthtender.com/integrity/.

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