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A growing area of importance for people seeking help with money matters comes from personal finance blogs. While blog owners may have a background in finance or a related field, there is no requirement regarding this, and many people in the personal finance community simply write from their own experience.

Through their blogs, blog owners offer education, insights and guidance regarding common money matters, such as overcoming financial challenges, paying off debt, managing money effectively, saving for retirement, or building wealth. Often they write, speak or teach based on their own personal experience, backed up with evidence from other sources and opinions they have formed throughout their lives and careers.

There are many blogs that focus on a particular topic like getting out of debt or investing, while others are oriented to a demographic niche (e.g. recent graduates, active investors or retirees).

Why Should You Read Personal Finance Blogs?

Most of us can benefit from learning more about personal finance. It isn’t often taught in school, therefore many of us will find it helpful to read and learn what members of the personal finance community have to say on their blogs to better educate ourselves in the principles of good money management.

The good news is that you can access most personal finance blogs for free. Be aware that owners of personal finance blogs primarily make money from advertising or recommending specific services and tools to readers. A good personal finance blog will clearly disclose how they make money and if they are compensated for recommending financial products and services.


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