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A glimmer of hope in a bleak world.

December 25, 2023

In this season of thanksgiving, I thank you, Peter.

Thank you for creating this platform where anyone, regardless of their background, can voice their dismay, shock, anger and frustration at this humongous miscarriage of justice that is the Lucy Letby case, as well as their support for her exoneration and release, which can’t come too soon.

Thank you for your informative and thought provoking posts, all well researched, thought out and expressed – and I do like a well written piece of journalism (something else that has been sorely missing in the LL case).

Thank you for using your time, your multiple skills and talents and your vast knowledge to highlight Lucy’s plight and work to redress the scales of justice.

Last but not least, thank you for showing compassion and great humanity. In doing so, you are offering all of us a glimmer of hope.

With best wishes.

Avatar for Viviane

Thoughtful and well researched

October 13, 2023

Peter Elston’s work is ever carefully researched and objective. His analysis of the Lucy Letby case exposes the amateur and bigoted investigation by UK police and certain medical practitioners – all of whom so clearly lack a basic understanding of mathematical and scientific principles. It is so encouraging to see the number of people who both understand the flaws in the Letby case and who are willing to be counted. I hope we can eventually be recognized as the voices of decency and common sense. Well done Peter.

Avatar for Helen

What are the chances? I think they are looking good for Lucy, and it's also thanks to this site

September 30, 2023

I was so happy to find this blog quite a few months ago (I did not find this “review” page till today). Back then I thought I was the only one writing about the other side to the Lucy Letby case on my own blog But more were on the way: Sarrita Adams’ sites now morphed into, and Scott McLachlan’s Law Health and Technology substack. And now Twitter is a major source of daily new discoveries for instance by @ChrisJClarkEsq and @blauesfragmente; the latter also has (I think) wonderful YouTube videos. I know for sure that the investigation and trial of Lucy Letby were grossly unfair. I am pretty sure she is completely innocent – I would today bet a million to one on her innocence (knowing all that I know now) – but who would take up the bet with me and how would we determine who has won? Perhaps a practical bet could be a thousand to one that she’ll be exonerated in 10 years. (But I obviously don’t know if I will still be around then …)

Avatar for Richard D. Gill emeritus professor of mathematical statistics Leiden University
Richard D. Gill emeritus professor of mathematical statistics Leiden University

Statistical Expertise

September 26, 2023

Thank you for this careful and disturbing investigation. One thing in particular strikes me. Despite the advice of many experts being called, and despite statistics being part of the prosecution case, no statistical expert seems to have been called. Instead, we have statements that the patterns of figures were reviewed by the lead paediatrician.

A statistician of my acquaintance was once asked by a brain surgeon at a party what she did. On hearing the answer, the surgeon informed her: fascinating, statistics is my hobby. She replied: amazing, brain surgery is mine.

There have been prominent past legal cases where expert statistical advice has been given by non-statisticians. They have not ended well.

I too do not know that Lucy Letby is innocent. It may be that non-statistical evidence was sufficient to convict her. I do object, however, to statistical “evidence” being added to the mix with no more help in the way of analysis than can be provided by policemen and paediatricians.

Avatar for Stephen Senn
Stephen Senn

Thank you for doing this.

September 19, 2023

Chimp Investor has become an incredible resource. For content that really matters in the Lucy Letby case. I thank you.

Why do so many male doctors fail to leave their egos at the door when they testify in court? This is a trailblazer site

and I am so grateful to you for starting it and dedicating time to keeping it relevant, informative and engaging so

that even folk like me can make sense of this major miscarriage of justice.

Avatar for John

Good independent point of view

September 13, 2023

I found this site when I was wondering if I was the only person believing Lucy Letby to be innocent. Chimp Investor was the answer and has explained why my instincts were correct. I have learned so much from the posts

Avatar for MCLH

Unsafe conviction

September 2, 2023

Excellent well researched articles, as usual. We all know that statistics can be manipulated to fit the narrative but in this case shockingly they were ignored. A case based on very poor circumstantial evidence. The only thing criminal in this case was the case itself.

Avatar for David Owen
David Owen

Lucy deserves a new trial

August 31, 2023

I stand by Lucy. It looks like the hospital wants to blame her for all the mistakes that have been made which is in my opinion not fair at all.

Avatar for Prays

Lucy Letby Trial

August 29, 2023

Lucy did not have a fair trial, there is no evidence just hearsay as far as I can see. She needs a fair trial.

Avatar for Jen

Telling the truth

August 26, 2023

Excellent content exposing the lies, deceit and manipulation of data by which people, including many experts whom you might think ought to know better, join the mob against an innocent victim.accused of a crime for which there is no evidence. Not that there’s no evidence against the accused but no evidence of *crime*. It can’t be stressed enough that this is not a matter of *innocence* which implies a crime. In this case there is no evidence of crime. Murder was a retrospective determination long after the event. Autopsies at the time recorded a verdict of death by natural causes. But these basic facts are not being reported. A truly shocking injustice – no one could be acquainted with the basic facts and think otherwise. .

Avatar for Sean Lydon
Sean Lydon

Utter rubbish!

August 24, 2023

Nonsense! Death rate fell dramatically once Letby stopped work.

Idiot appeal!

Avatar for Andrew Allison
Andrew Allison

Circumstantial evidence made to measure

August 23, 2023

The evidence compiled in such a way to distort and manipulate. With the intent to profile her as the prime suspect already found guilty before the trial. Protecting Doctor A’s identity while the prosecution contaminant the heart felt messages ..( Doctor A) betrayed Lucy to save himself, a married man in a senior position flirting with a young nurse.

Avatar for Annemarie Brant
Annemarie Brant

Horrendous miscarriage of justice

August 23, 2023

As a nurse who has worked in the nhs for many years (including neonatal care), I was horrified at the guilty verdict given in the Lucy Letby case. I agree with other reviewers that the jury had little choice, given the flawed evidence that was presented to them. I hope that this verdict can be overturned and that this young woman is not made a scapegoat for the obvious inadequacies of this hospital. The CQC inspections for the past few years, demonstrate that this was not (and still isn’t) a safe environment for Mother’s and their newborn babies.

Avatar for Rose

The Travesty of the Lucy Letby Verdicts

August 22, 2023

Congratulations and thank you for you thoughtful blog on this mockery of a fair trial which bothered me for so long. You have summarized the multiple flaws in the evidence, the legal representation, the investigation and the scientific approach so admirably. Lucy needs great counsel to take on her case and get this horrific travesty of justice set aside. I am convinced there are counsel who will take it on, especially after reading the compelling arguments you have mustered.

Avatar for Wendy

Lucy Letby trial and conviction deeply flawed

August 22, 2023

As a scientist and rationalist, I was extremely concerned at the outset by this trial and evidence presented. First, by the presumption that someone must have malicious agency when current medical procedures and administration appear to fail, second by the desire to apportion blame to an individual, third the lack of rigourous statistical basis to a case that is entirely circumstantial and based on probabilities (as Chimp investorhas eloquently explained), fourth, the lack of any direct evidence or motive or character trait, and fifth, and most importantly, the appalling trauma inflicted on Ms Letby which is unimaginably horrible (I don’t know she is innocent, but nothing I have seen persuades me she is likely to be guilty).

Avatar for Graham

Serious doubts about the Letby trial

August 22, 2023

The table of cases presented by the police is seriously misleading and the expert neonatal witness is not an expert in the matters he pronounced upon.

Avatar for Anonymous

This guy is genuinely crazy

August 22, 2023

Or maybe he’s doing it for attention, but still…

Avatar for Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous

Fight for justice

August 22, 2023

Excellent and well written blog . Thank you for putting in the time and effort to question the evidence presented . I don’t think she received a fair trial , or that the case was proven beyond reasonable doubt but the media and public sentiment have burnt her at the stake . I am so pleased that you are prepared to lead a fight for justice for lucy .

Avatar for Karen

Lucy Letby

August 22, 2023

Lucy Letby is innocent. Join the fight to free her

Avatar for Christine west
Christine west

Help for Lucy

August 22, 2023

I hope you can help Lucy Letby. This is not right.

Avatar for Rose

I have commented on the case of LL on the site.

August 21, 2023

I suggest that any appeal judge or jury, or appeal barrister reads this book before using statistics to convict a nurse of serial killings when the death rate for neonates rose after she was removed from the ward: “How to Lie with Statistics” is a book written by Darrell Huff in 1954, presenting an introduction to statistics for the general reader. This appears to have been yet another miscarriage of justice (e.g. Sally Clark’s tragic case) by a jury who have had their ignorance of statistics manipulated to suggest that this was a deliberate act of multiple homicides.

Avatar for Graham Clark
Graham Clark

Looking for the truth & beyond the hype

August 21, 2023

Excellent website on the flawed trial of Lucy Letby. How can someone be convicted to a full life term – solely on coincidental evidence? There’s no factual evidence here whatsoever! Thanks Peter for laying this out, for taking a stand for bringing us doubters together. All UK media should be ashamed for not doing this – that’s includes liberal giants like the Guardian who have been utterly useless here.

Avatar for Sara

5 Stars

August 21, 2023

Avatar for H. Dixon
H. Dixon

A fighter v injustice

August 21, 2023

Peter has set up a superb website to challenge factually the flawed trial of Lucy Letby. Those of us outraged by her treatment now find some relief. Delighted he is setting up an action group. Keep going!


Peter Elston Demonstrates Lucy Letby Trial Lacks Scientfic Evidence

August 21, 2023

An important read for anyone interested in this very clear miscarriage of justice unfolding in front of our eyes. It is supported by the excellent Science on Trial website:

As we witness the same press lust for stories about dead children and wicked women that created the ‘Satanic Panic’ of the 80s and 90s, it is distressing to experience this very modern witch trial and the inevitable cry for the death penalty to be reinstated. I truly hope that Miss Letby will soon be exonerated, as in the cases of paediatric nurses Lucia de Berk, Susan Nelles and all the mothers who were wrongly accused of baby battering or killing babies who actually died from SIDS. Thank you Peter Elston.

Avatar for Tara Derrington
Tara Derrington

Admiration for the Lucy Letby pages

August 21, 2023

I have no relation to Lucy Letby but having researched and published a book on police malfeasance, her entire court case and trial reeks of confirmation bias. There have been too many miscarriages of justice on zero forensic evidence; I am really shocked that no one in the mainstream media has been willing to challenge the evidence in this case. No one that is except those outside the CJS and the media: Richard Gill and now Peter Elston. I do not know if LL is innocent or guilty. However, neither can anyone else from this kangaroo court and the lack of evidence presented. Thank you Peter for setting up these pages. It has made those of us, who feel a terrible injustice has been served, less alone.

Avatar for boudicca3

Good website

August 20, 2023

I like the way Peter E at Chimp Investor uses his undoubted skills to take an interest in current issues in the world in order to make the world a better place.

Avatar for Peter Gill
Peter Gill

We need more people like Peter Elston

August 20, 2023

When I read or hear some of the news, and people blindly going along with it,I wonder what is going on in today’s society ? Then a man like Peter Elston speaks out . Having seen all the papers about this evil wicked murderess Lucy Letby,even before Peters article,I felt strongly it was wrong, she is the scapegoat.

Avatar for Christina Evans
Christina Evans

How fascinating

August 19, 2023

I pray for her after your statistics. Poor nurses things seem to be always so set against them so often.

Avatar for J.Blogs

Five Stars

January 19, 2023

Avatar for Jane Pollard
Jane Pollard

Great value

November 4, 2022

Relevant, incisive and concise. A breath of fresh air !

Avatar for Geoff Post
Geoff Post

Guard yourself from being “Fooled by Randomness”.

October 12, 2022

Peter’s article on the necessary steps required to properly separate cause, effect and noise describes the essential problem for decision making in the 21st century. Humans want to see patterns and ascribe their preferred causes. This applies not only in the law courts. It applies in all aspects of modern life, not least in science where dodgy practices have produced what is termed the “replication crisis”. No doubt the other significant areas where high level probability and stats are poorly applied iare politics and funds management!

Avatar for Dino Rebellato
Dino Rebellato

Five Stars

October 12, 2022

Peter is always a source of unique inspiration, given his sharp mind honed by years of eclectic experience. I look forward to reading his thought provoking offerings and following up with the additional reading they inevitably inspire.

Avatar for Jeremy Harris
Jeremy Harris

Always interesting and insightful

August 24, 2022

Peter’s newsletters are a pleasure to read. The content is always interesting and insightful and his take on most topics usually makes me think about things differently. Best of all is his writing style which is clear and lucid and holds the reader’s attention all the way through the article.

Avatar for Zeid Ayer
Zeid Ayer

5 Stars

August 22, 2022

Always interesting and well researched

But also very well written!

A pleasure to read


Avatar for Stephen

A daily dose of sense

July 17, 2022

Chimp Investor is a daily does of interesting sense. A worthwhile read.

Avatar for Richard A.M. Ramsay
Richard A.M. Ramsay

Scientific approach

July 4, 2022

Peter’s rigorous investigation of relevant information sources is both refreshing and reassuring. He brings scientific method to the provision of clear-eyed investment advice, which is both rare and reassuring.

Avatar for Peter R Kater
Peter R Kater

Keep it simple, stupid!

June 27, 2022

Finally, we have someone that can write on technically challenging subjects, in a short and simple way. Keep them coming my friend.

Avatar for Marko van Bowden
Marko van Bowden

Really what you need to know!

June 19, 2022

I really love this byte size blogs which I can read even during the busyness of the day.

The topics covered are on current happenings and leaves space to ponder more.

The frequency is consistent and regular. I look forward to getting these update regular in my inbox.

Avatar for Varun