The Frugal Samurai

Millennial FIRE devotee from Sydney, Australia

The Frugal Samurai

Millennial FIRE devotee from Sydney, Australia

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Hi there, thanks for stopping by!

My site, is predominantly about personal finance and development and is a way to share with you some of the experiences which I have and continue to encounter in my life. The aim is to post some light entertainment as well as comment on topical financial issues which I hope you find amusing, informative and time well spent.

Who Am I?

I’m just an average guy who grew up in Sydney in the early 90’s. Growing up, no one showed me how to become financially independent so I’ve had to teach myself the hard way.

As a millennial, I am fascinated with the concept of FIRE (financial independence retiring early, not y’know, arson), a concept which is almost non-existent here in Australia. Recently, I achieved a goal I set early on of $1m in net assets before 30.

I started this website to share what I have learnt on this path and for both you and I to learn together in our financial journeys.

Who Are You?

An individual who is naturally curious about personal finance and development. I hope you enjoyed reading my posts and if you can pass it on to anyone you think may benefit that’d be amazing!

I would also greatly appreciate you leaving me a comment as to how I can make this website and content better for you!

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