Can the Financial Gym Help You Fix Your Finances?

That’s where a financial trainer comes in. Just like a personal trainer, therapist, or coach, a financial trainer helps you identify areas for growth, make a plan to achieve those goals, and help keep you on the path to success.

What is the Financial Gym?

The Financial Gym is a program comprised of online and in-person financial trainers who take a fitness-inspired approach to coach clients toward meeting their financial goals. It was founded by Shannon McLay in 2013.

Within a week of joining the program, members are sent a 20-page report detailing the steps they need to take to reach their goals.

How Does the B.F.F. Program Work?

This program covers many of the same topics included in financial advisor and CFP (certified financial planner) programs but also emphasizes other topics such as budgeting and behavioral finance.

How Does the B.F.F. Program Work?

As with physical fitness, some individuals may need that brick-and-mortar location to help with motivation and accountability. 

Where are the Financial Gym Locations?

As with a typical gym, members of the Financial Gym pay a monthly membership fee of less than $100/month.

How Much does the Financial Gym Cost?

Other Services Offered by the Financial Gym

The Financial Gym also offers several other financial service options.

- Online Courses

- Employee Services

- Approved Products

The Financial Gym program was founded to offer financial coaching services to everyday people looking to improve their finances and reach their money goals.

Is the Financial Gym Right for You?