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Financial freedom should be for everyone.

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I have been obsessed with personal finance since I graduated with $50,000 in debt in 2010.
Managing that debt while supporting family taught me more about managing money than my formal education in finance and economics.
I created Making of a Millionaire to share what I have learned and help others achieve financial freedom.



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  1. Life insurance is boring but important
    06 15 2020

    Life insurance may be one of the least sexy topics I can think of. Every time I bring up the subject of life insurance, I can see people’s minds actively trying to tune me out. People really don’t like talking about life insurance for three reasons. It’s impossible to discuss life insurance without being reminded…

  2. How to retire in 10 Years while making less than $100,000 per year
    06 15 2020

    The most popular article I’ve ever written was titled “Want to retire in 10 years? Here is what you need to do”. I don’t consider it my best work, not by a long shot. Given the amount of traffic this article continues to get, it is certainly a compelling headline. In this article, I’m going…

  3. The Opportunity Cost of Owning a Car
    06 15 2020

    When I was 25 I was dead broke. When I say dead broke I don’t mean “ I didn’t have very much money”. I mean I had negative money. My net worth was negative $50,000. As someone who had negative $50,000 to their name if I needed to get somewhere I had two options: Walk…

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