William Nunn, CFP®

Financial Planning Designed With Flexibility in Mind

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Horizon Financial Planning William Nunn, CFP®
New Orleans, Louisiana

Serving Clients Nationwide

Financial Planning Designed With Flexibility in Mind

Areas of Focus

  • Budgeting
  • Employee Benefits
  • Estate Planning
  • Financial Life Planning
  • Giving

About Me

Hi, I'm Will Nunn. I founded Horizon Financial Planning LLC in January 2019 after realizing my worth to my (then) employer was measured by how much money I brought in that month instead of how much I helped my clients.

I wanted something else, I wanted something freeing, I wanted more autonomy. I prioritized spending time with my wife and being able to go sailing on Friday afternoons over my obligation to stick around the office until the clock struck a magical number before I could go home.

I want to bring the same thing to my clients. My mission is to help people achieve the autonomous life they envision. My proactive approach helps my clients envision, structure, and implement the autonomy they want.

➕ More About William Nunn, CFP®

William Nunn is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional with a decade of financial planning experience, helping Advanced Practice Registered Nurses as well as working professionals in the medical, legal, and health care industries. A graduate of Loyola University New Orleans with a Bachelor in Business Administration, Will has worked with clients across the country.

Will began his career in 2011 with a boutique wealth management firm in Metairie, La. He then moved to J.P. Morgan Chase in 2014. He has been featured by New Orleans CityBusiness in 2013 as a “One to Watch,” and was given the J.P. Morgan Asset Management Award of Excellence in 2015. Will is also a member of the Financial Planning Association, CFA Society of Louisiana, and the Rotary Club of New Orleans.

✒️ Widely quoted in Forbes, CNN Business, Inc, and MarketWatch.

Professional Designations



  • Fee Only Network
  • National Association of Personal Financial Advisors
  • XY Planning Network

Primary Location


Meeting Options

  • Video Conference
  • Phone

Compensation Methods

  • Fee Only
  • Flat Fee
  • Hourly Rate
  • One-time Financial Plan
  • Percentage of Assets Managed

What to expect in the first meeting

Trying to decide if we are a fit or if we will help you with that burning question? Click the 'Book Intro Call' button above and let's have a conversation. You can also book an appointment for a phone call or web meeting at no charge. We are only accepting virtual appointments and phone appointments at this time. However, we travel a lot, and if we happen to be in the same city as you, we are happy to give you the option of an in-person appointment.

Offers Investment Management


About our Firm

We know life happens in between the numbers. Projections and stats are more than just cold data, it represents vacations, new ventures, and opportunities.

Horizon Financial Planning was started with you in mind, aiming to take the stress out of financial planning. Whether you are just starting your career, getting ready to grow your family or have questions about how to get started, take the first step with Horizon Financial Planning.

Horizon Financial Planning is located in New Orleans, serving clients nationally.

✅ Your Plan for YOU: Financial Plans are not “one size fits all”, it’s not even close. We know everyone has different aspirations and thoughts on all things in life. We get to know YOU and help make YOUR plan for YOU, and nobody else. Your life is unique, shouldn’t your financial plan?

✅ Proactive: We not only look at adjustments we need to make now, but meet with you on a regular basis to find out what we need to be doing to help you as your life changes. This gives you a better opportunity to make informed and thoughtful decisions. Clients are always free to call us whenever they need, even if it’s not scheduled or they want to bounce an idea off us.

✅ No B.S.: No B.S., Sales Speak, or Industry Jargon- just caring and thoughtful financial plans to let you know where you are and what you need to do to have the best chance of getting where you want to go. If we are forced to use a technical term, we will make sure you know what it means and why it’s important. We believe in transparency and make every effort to be as transparent as possible.

✅ Flexible: We work with people from all walks of life and remain accessible. We have offered virtual services since April 2019 and do not offer in person meetings on a regular basis. If we happen to be in the same city as you, we will certainly offer to meet up in person. We are located in New Orleans, LA and serve clients across the country.


Loyola University New Orleans, Bachelor’s Degree, Bachelor's of Business Administration

Awards and Honors



  • English

Hobbies and Interests

  • Family
  • Sailing
  • Sports
  • Traveling

Who We Serve

  • Attorneys
  • College Graduates
  • Corporate Executives
  • Couples
  • Dual Income Family
  • Gen Y / Millennials
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Newly Engaged / Newlywed
  • Young Families