All the Colors

I provide clients with education, accountability and heart-centered coaching.

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All the Colors

I provide clients with education, accountability and heart-centered coaching.

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Areas of Focus

  • Budgeting
  • Career
  • Caregiving for Parents
  • Coaching
  • Credit Scores
  • Crisis Management
  • Divorce Financial Planning
  • Education Funding
  • Emergency Savings
  • Estate Planning
  • Financial Life Planning
  • Getting out of Debt
  • Giving
  • Inherited Wealth
  • Insurance
  • International and Cross-border Planning
  • Investing
  • Job Loss
  • Loss of Spouse or Partner
  • Money Psychology
  • Owning a Business
  • Retiring Early (F.I.R.E)
  • Side Hustles
  • Social Security
  • Socially Responsible Investing
  • Taxes
  • Travel
  • Women & Wealth

About Me

I am a money coach at All the Colors where I provide clients with the education they need to make financial decisions, accountability to take action, and coaching to understand why they do what they do with money. As a private coach and community workshop leader, I help change makers create stable and sustainable money systems for themselves, their loved ones and their communities, with a focus on women of color entrepreneurs.

I earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner designation in 2020 and the Registered Life Planner™ designation in 2021 from the Kinder Life Institute. I completed Gabor Maté’s Compassionate Inquiry™ training to enhance my facilitation skills in a trauma informed way.

As a Quaker and social activist I love learning about generative economics that move us from exploiting resources to stewarding our shared planet. When I’m not helping clients own their power with money and life, you’ll find me hiking, reading in parks, and learning more about Latin American history.

Professional Designations

  • Registered Life Planner (RLP)


  • CFP Board
  • FinCon
  • Foundation for Financial Planning
  • Kinder Institute of Life Planning


Meeting Options

  • Video Conference
  • Phone
  • Group Classes
  • Online Courses
  • Webinars

Compensation Methods

  • Per Session
  • Pro Bono
  • Subscription

What to expect in the first meeting

Have questions about a specific money topic, curious about coaching, or wondering how this could benefit your community? Book a free 30 minute call! Share your money journey with a heart-centered money professional to get more clarity on what you need to put in place to feel good about your money.

About our Firm

All the Colors was founded with the mission of helping people own their power with money. Financial stress is one of the leading causes of mental health issues. While education can help, it’s often not enough because it does not address the emotional and behavioral challenges we face when working with money. Once people are free of money stress they can then go and live their best life - they are no longer holding themselves back and saying money is the reason.


University of California, Irvine

Volunteer Experience

I serve on the Board of Directors at Wisdom and Money, where wisdom practices meet wealth decisions. I am a founding member of the SER Community which aims to increase the number of Latines in financial planning. I serve on the steering crew of the Rad Planners Community, a group of activists and financial service professionals re-imagining an economic system that serves everyone.


  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

Hobbies and Interests

  • Cooking
  • Crafts
  • Dancing
  • Eating Out
  • Entertaining
  • Exercising
  • Hiking
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Reading
  • Relaxing
  • Swimming
  • Volunteering
  • Walking
  • Wine
  • Working Out
  • Writing
  • Yoga

Who We Serve

  • Artists
  • Business Owners
  • Caregivers
  • Content Creators
  • Couples
  • DIY Investors
  • Dual Income Family
  • Expats
  • Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE)
  • Foreign-Born Individuals
  • Gen X
  • Gen Y / Millennials
  • Gen Z
  • Immigrants
  • Intergenerational Families
  • Investors
  • Living in Retirement
  • Newly Engaged / Newlywed
  • Parents
  • Remote Workers
  • Single Women
  • Technology Professionals
  • Travel Lovers
  • Widow
  • Women in Transition
  • Women Professionals
  • Women’s Finance
  • Young Families

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Clear, practical guidance from someone who cares

Rated 5 out of 5
September 11, 2023

Diana helped me plan for the future. She listened carefully to my goals, and, together, we assessed my assets–financial, personal, and spiritual. Out of that assessment grew a specific plan to guide me toward my goals for myself, for my relationships, and for my environment. Diana’s approach to financial planning is holistic, and is focused on overall well-being. She is patient and caring, but firm in keeping me on track. I’m extremely grateful I was able to benefit from her talent!

Avatar for Leland Kimball
Leland Kimball

5 Stars

Rated 5 out of 5
August 8, 2023

Diana was amazing! We had an amazing session on compassionate inquiry and really made me dig deep into the decisions and choices I have made. This session was something I long needed and I would 10 out of 10 recommend her to others.

Avatar for Lexi

Supportive and Knowledgeable

Rated 5 out of 5
August 7, 2023

Working with Diana has been one of the best financial decisions I have ever made. Her advice and guidance was kind, gentle, and effective. She listened to my needs and really understood where I was and how to help me. Many financial planners make you feel bad about yourself for not know more or doing better in the past. I never felt judge by Diana. She just stayed positive, focused, and helpful. I am enormously grateful for her wisdom and support and would recommend her to anyone. We all deserve this type of help.

Avatar for Ronda H Jackson
Ronda H Jackson

Heart Centered Finance & Money

Rated 5 out of 5
July 31, 2023

Over 31 years as a small business entrepreneur and artist and Diana is a rarity. Her heart-center approach to money and finances is organic. Her calmness and care for helping you achieve your goals is felt in her expertise, credentials, and money tools. Diana is truly one of a kind as someone you can trust and learn from for a healthy understanding of your own personal or business money and gaining empowerment and success through her coaching support. She is organized and professional. I highly recommend you book a consult today to experience all the colors and heart Diana has to offer.

Avatar for Miriam Zimms Zimms
Miriam Zimms Zimms

Gentle and Holistic

Rated 5 out of 5
July 16, 2023

I was experiencing a huge amount of anxiety and confusion about my money. Even though I was tracking my spending, I still didn’t understand where the money was going and why I was so stressed about it. Diana helped me build a “bougette” based on my values and my income, and helped me stay present and calm while I looked at my options. She gave me some helpful guidelines for how to classify and allocate my spending, and set some expectations about how much I “should” be saving, giving me some freedom to spend on enjoying life in the here and now.

Avatar for Mike C
Mike C

Exactly what I needed

Rated 5 out of 5
June 5, 2023

Diana is not only an amazing financial coach, but she’s a wonderful human, too. She provided me with the exact coaching I have been in need of for a long time. Diana doesn’t focus solely on the numbers, but also expands the conversation into the emotional side of money. She taught me how to self-navigate the negative money feelings I experience from time to time, and opened my eyes to a few of my deep-rooted money behaviors that I never fully understood myself. I appreciate her positive energy, style of coaching, and well-rounded financial expertise. As a Latina woman who grew up in a constant financial struggle, I’m really glad I found Diana. I would highly recommend her to any woman of color that needs to get on track financially. She will understand you, and most importantly, give you exactly what YOU need.

Avatar for Diana