Your Qualcomm Benefits & Career: Financial Planning for Employees and Executives

By  Brian Thorp

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Do you work at Qualcomm? Get the resources you need and expert insights from financial professionals who specialize in helping Qualcomm employees make the most of their compensation package and benefits.

Whether you’re a new Qualcomm employee or you’ve moved up the ranks into a management or executive leadership role over a multi-year career, it’s important to make smart money moves with your income and employee benefits. For example:

✅ Do you know the right moves to make to get the greatest value from the Qualcomm benefits available to you?

✅If you’re thinking about leaving Qualcomm for another job or planning to retire from the company in a few years, are you taking the right steps today to ensure you will receive all of the compensation and benefits that you’ve earned?

Get the Most Value from Your Qualcomm Benefits and Compensation Package

Throughout the year, Qualcomm provides its employees and executives with updates about their benefits ranging from health insurance and health savings plans to retirement plans like a 401(k), deferred compensation plans, and stock options. While the company offers many useful resources and access to knowledgeable staff who can assist with questions, you’ll also find financial professionals not affiliated with Qualcomm who specialize in helping Qualcomm employees make the most of their income and benefits.

Whether you work in the Qualcomm headquarters in San Diego, another office location around the world, or remotely from home, you may have questions about your compensation package and benefits better suited for a financial professional who can offer unbiased advice and guidance.

For example, sensitive topics like discussing the steps you should take before quitting your job at Qualcomm to work elsewhere, protecting yourself in advance of a corporate layoff, or deciding when you should plan to retire are all conversations that may be more comfortable with a trusted financial advisor.

Should you hire a Qualcomm specialist financial advisor or an advisor close to home?

You’ll likely find dozens of nearby financial advisors well-suited to help you reach your money goals with a personalized plan. But it may be more difficult to find a financial advisor who specializes in serving Qualcomm employees.

Fortunately, many financial advisors offer virtual services so you can meet online no matter where you (or they) live.

This means you can choose to hire a specialist financial advisor who lives hundreds of miles away if you decide their knowledge and experience working with Qualcomm employees is a better fit to help with your unique needs.

💡 In the Q&A below, you’ll gain insights from financial advisors who work with Qualcomm employees to help them make smart decisions to get the most value from their compensation and benefits, reduce their money stress, and prepare for a comfortable retirement.

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💸 Smart Money Insights for Qualcomm Employees & Executives

This page is organized into sections to help you quickly find the information you need and get answers to your questions:

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Q&A: Financial Planning Tips for Qualcomm Employees & Executives

Answers to Employee Questions with Tim Dyer

Tim Dyer is a financial advisor based in San Diego who specializes in offering financial planning services to Qualcomm employees.

Tim helps his clients get the most value from their Qualcomm benefits and compensation package so they can enjoy life and feel confident about their financial future.

Q: As a financial advisor with experience helping Qualcomm employees save for their retirement, how do you help them make the most of their employee benefits?

Tim: Step number one is for Qualcomm employees to fully understand their existing benefits, including those they may not know are available to them. The next step is to look at how those benefits work in tandem with their personal assets.

Achieving financial clarity of goals and comfort pertaining to their options ultimately gives employees the confidence to know they are headed in the right direction.

Q: When you first speak with a Qualcomm employee, what questions do you like to ask to better understand their unique circumstances and determine how you can best help them achieve their goals?

Tim: The initial questions I ask Qualcomm employees are centered around each client’s vision values and goals, and not a lot of focus on numbers. Everyone has a unique vision of their ideal future. When the vision is clear the decisions are easy.

Q: Is there a particular benefit available to Qualcomm employees you feel isn’t as well utilized or understood by employees as it should be?

Tim: By far the number one benefit that is being underutilized and even overlooked altogether by Qualcomm employees is the Brokeragelink option in the Qualcomm 401k plan. This is known as the “self-directed” option where you can buy any investment normally available in a brokerage account. You are not limited to the 20 or so choices in the current “core” plan.

Sometimes more opportunities can bring more complexity. This is where working with a financial advisor can really help identify options. These options include lower fees and expenses which ultimately puts more money in your pocket. Also screenings for investments that help you reduce risk or potentially increase return.

I can’t think of one scenario where I have reviewed a client’s portfolio and not found a similar if not better alternative for lower cost and in many cases better risk-adjusted performance.

Q: Beyond Qualcomm employee benefits for retirement savings, are there other types of benefits offered by the company that you find valuable to discuss with your clients?

Tim: Lending and liability management are benefits that really come to mind. Historically we have seen many Qualcomm employees who have large, yet illiquid or semi-illiquid assets. Real estate, concentrated stock positions, stock options, RSUS, etc. They may take time to vest or sell, and also generate a large unwanted tax bill.

There is a large opportunity to take advantage of lending opportunities so that clients can reduce their cost of liabilities, and maybe more importantly, defer the tax liability to a more opportune time.

Q: For Qualcomm employees who have managed their finances on their own to this point, what would you suggest they consider to help them decide if they should begin working with a financial advisor at this stage in their lives?

Tim: The path to successful accumulation of wealth to meet long-term goals may be intuitive for some Qualcomm employees. Saving in a 401k, funding education accounts, and using low-cost index fund investments is not rocket science and most are automated. Add in the fact that the stock market has been almost straight up, until 2022, since the financial collapse in 2008.

Many people are good at accumulation, but when it comes to distribution it is an entirely different skillset AND mindset. During the accumulation phase, there are many scenarios where a mistake can be remedied easily. In the retirement or distribution phase, not so much. Many mistakes in retirement are not only costly but completely irreversible.

Q: What are some of the unique financial planning challenges you commonly see among your clients who are Qualcomm employees and how do you help them overcome these obstacles?

Tim: Too often employees at firms like Qualcomm are of the mindset that making as much money as possible is the safest option financially. And they have not taken the time to actually quantify what they actually want out of life. Having a lot of money when you work yourself to death in a cubicle typically isn’t everyone’s dream outcome.

One of the things I deeply love about serving clients on these issues is when you show them what is possible for them and the light goes off. They have the “aha moment” where they can clearly see the point when work becomes optional.

Q: What questions do you recommend Qualcomm employees ask financial advisors they’re considering hiring to help them decide if they’re a good fit?

Tim: First off, Qualcomm employees should confirm that the advisor is a licensed fiduciary and not a salesperson for a Wall Street bank or brokerage firm. Additionally, do they work with clients that have similar needs and concerns? What are the fees associated with working together and what is the value that is received for that fee?

Get to Know Tim Dyer, Financial Advisor for Qualcomm Employees:

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Q: Is there anything that comes up frequently in your initial meeting with Qualcomm employees that surprises you?

Tim: The diversity is always fascinating. Many of the people I meet who work at Qualcomm are from different backgrounds and experiences. Many are originally from another country like India, which is something I have learned a lot about over the last 2 decades including multiple trips there (including one to set a Guinness World Record).

Q: For highly compensated Qualcomm employees and executives, are there any special benefits you believe it’s important to take into consideration when preparing their financial plan?

Tim: Taxes. Although a lot of Qualcomm employees are W2 the majority of the tax opportunities exist after they receive their benefits and salary. Too often employees just look at the past year as a saving tax opportunity when doing tax preparation. Being able to model out 3-5 years of financials can identify many opportunities for tax savings.

Q: Is there a particularly memorable experience or a moment you recall with a client who worked at Qualcomm when you realized they have unique opportunities and circumstances when it comes to their financial planning needs?

Tim: Maybe not one specifically, but a series of trends I’ve observed over the last 20 years while working with Qualcomm employees. As the 401k became the primary savings vehicle for retirement for many employees, the tax deferral has been good. Couple that with the historical bull market over the last 10 or even 20 years, for many, their account balances have become very significant. The 401k is a tax-deferred option, which basically means taxed later. Well later is coming up.

Taxes are at historical lows. That is scheduled to change at the end of 2025 when the Tax Cuts Jobs Act sunsets. This will put the current lower taxes rates back to those in 2016. The amount of tax liability for many in the coming years will be extremely costly and needs to be managed. Luckily there are some options.

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Quick Facts & Resources for Qualcomm Employees

Qualcomm Quick Facts & ResourcesDetails / Useful Links
Qualcomm Corporate Headquarters Address5775 Morehouse Dr San Diego CA 92121 (📍 Google Maps)
How much do Qualcomm employees Make?View Qualcomm Salary Research on Glassdoor
What is the ticker symbol for Qualcomm stock?The Qualcomm ticker symbol is QCOM.

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