18 of the Best Part-Time Jobs for Retirees

By  Danny Newman

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Are you a senior looking for a part-time job? Learn the best jobs for retirees to make money and feel fulfilled throughout your golden years.

For casual observers, the notion of “jobs for retirees” probably sounds oxymoronic. After all, isn’t retirement when you quit working once and for all? When you step back from the daily grind and enter those fated golden years of leisure and luxury?

They’re not wrong. Or, at least, they shouldn’t be. However, the reality of retired life can look very different nowadays. According to the BLS, for instance, the labor force of people aged 75+ is set to increase by a whopping 96.5% by 2030.

This surprising state of affairs is often a case of financial necessity. Minimal savings and rising inflation combine, forcing retirees back into the workplace to make ends meet. But for others with a certain mindset, it’s a choice – a way to stay sharp, fill time, meet new people, exercise old skills, and earn some extra cash on their terms.

If you’re in either situation right now, then you might be wondering what your occupational options are. What exactly can you do for work? To help, we’re going to talk about 18 of the best jobs for retirees. Let’s dive in. 

1. Consultant

You worked in your field for decades and have a list of accolades that’s almost as long as your list of industry connections. Why not leverage that experience and set yourself up as a consultant? Business, management, and systems consultants are some of the highest-paying jobs for retirees that also tend to be in high demand.

2. Engineer

Speaking of demand, there will always be employers looking for your skills as an experienced engineer. Not only that, but your technical knowledge and professional judgment are also attributes for which they’ll likely pay top dollar. Whether you search for work as an engineering consultant or independent contractor, it’d be a great way to satisfy your need to stay stimulated in retirement.

3. Teacher

Do you like the sound of working with kids and possess a wealth of knowledge on a particular topic? Whether you work part or full-time, retraining as a teacher in your retirement could be ideal. Teachers don’t earn mega bucks, but according to Indeed, the average base salary is still well over $16 an hour.

4. Tutor

Tutoring is a fantastic option for retirees with a passion for teaching but no desire to retrain as one. Assuming you have at least a high-school diploma, you can start tutoring privately today simply by going out to find clients who want to learn something from you! Whether you’re great at math or can speak a foreign language, services like provide a powerful platform for getting started.

5. College Instructor

As you’d expect, not every retiree can walk into a university and land this particular job! You need an advanced degree and countless years of work experience under your belt. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic, high-paying job opportunity for those who fulfill these criteria and have the desire to teach at the postsecondary level.

6. Public Speaker

If you’re an effective communicator and possess wisdom, skills, or noteworthy stories gleaned from remarkable life experiences, then people will pay to hear you speak. You may have to build up a following or gain a degree of notoriety first, but you’ll be able to leverage the demand from businesses, organizations, and the general public for quality speakers if you manage it.

7. Park Ranger

Do you love nature and being outdoors? Want to stay fit in your golden years? Consider applying for work as a park ranger. Often working in national parks, you can earn good money in seasonal roles that get you out in the fresh air, using your body, and helping protect the beautiful environment in which you’ll be operating.

8. Security

Contrary to common stereotypes, you don’t have to be a big young buck to work in security. If you’re a strong communicator, assertive, and willing to put yourself in potentially dangerous situations, then this retirement job could be ideal. Indeed, it’s a popular choice among retired law-enforcement officers who get to leverage their years of experience in places like banks, casinos, and schools.

9. Driver for Rideshare Services

Driving for services like Uber and Lyft is another of the best jobs for retirees. Not only are the roles easily accessible (all you usually need is one year of driving experience, the necessary documentation, and a relatively modern car that’s in good condition), but you also have full control over when you work. In terms of money, the average Uber driver makes up to $46,000 per annum.

10. Research Participant

Participating in research studies might not be your dream job as a retiree, but it’s definitely something to consider. Typically found in the field of medical research, you’ll be at the forefront of helping organizations develop things like new drugs and treatment programs – sometimes receiving $1,000 or more in the process. Don’t want to play the role of guinea pig? Don’t worry. Other companies, such as OneOpinion and MySurvey, also pay you to complete research surveys.

11. Tour Guide

If you love where you live and know an awful lot about it (or are willing to learn), then working as a tour guide could be a fun way to earn some extra money in retirement. Whether you work for yourself or a local tour guide company, you’ll take paying visitors from one notable site to the next, telling them about the history and throwing out intriguing pieces of trivia as you go.

12. Author

Have you always wanted to write novels and/or non-fiction books? Well, with your golden years upon you, now’s the perfect time to start. We can’t promise this retirement job will prove financially fruitful any time soon. But that’ll change if/when you eventually break through – and you’ll be doing something you love in the meantime.

13. Freelance Writer

Another option for retirees with a penchant for writing is the freelance copywriting route. You’ll have to learn the nuances of putting together different kinds of web copy, but it’s still a quicker – and possibly more lucrative – route to making money in retirement. The average hourly pay earned by a freelance writer in the US is $20.57.

14. Customer Service Rep

Employed by a business to answer customer queries, resolve their issues, and handle any complaints, customer service representatives have a challenging job. The silver lining is that these roles are commonplace, have a very low barrier to entry, and usually involve a fun team dynamic. If you’re conscientious, a strong communicator, patient, and willing to learn everything about the products and services being sold, then you could be a prime fit for customer service positions.

15. Sales Associate

Would you rather sell products to customers than handle their complaints but have no prior experience in sales? Consider applying for sales associate roles in retail stores. While the pay is far from impressive, they’re straightforward positions for retirees to acquire and usually have opportunities to move up in the company.

16. Cashier

Although Amazon Fresh has set a precedent for checkout-less stores, most retailers in America still hire cashiers to help process customer payments. Ubiquitous and straightforward, it’s arguably one of the best jobs for retirees who wish to earn some extra cash without doing anything too strenuous or mentally taxing.

17. Warehouse Worker

Ready for another widely available job with a negligible barrier to entry? As long as you’re up to the physical demands of the role and don’t mind working in high-paced environments, warehouses employ huge numbers of people of all ages and backgrounds. With Amazon alone employing over 1,500 people in each of its sortable fulfillment centers (and paying double the federal minimum wage to boot), you shouldn’t struggle to find a position in this industry.

18. Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers work in a wide range of industries but have a common goal: to collect goods from point A and transport them to point B. You could be delivering parcels or groceries to customers’ doors, flowers or pizzas to their lucky recipients, or supplies to various businesses. Perks include flexible hours, potential tips, a low barrier to entry, and high demand. The average salary is $39,000 a year.

Apply for the Best Jobs for Retirees

Retirement is changing. Although lots of people continue to enjoy the typical “life of leisure” version of events (and feel content to do so), many others either feel the pull to return to work or have a financial imperative pushing them there.

Whatever the case for you, we hope this list of the best jobs for retirees has shed light on what you can do to earn a living in your golden years! If you’d like to get your financial situation in order in other ways, too, though, then we highly recommend you work with a professional financial advisor. Visit Wealthtender to find a local financial advisor or specialist advisor who can help you make the most of your golden years.

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