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Everyday, millions of people search the internet looking for help with money matters from people they can trust. But search results display more advertisements than links to helpful websites, resulting in fewer people finding you.

We launched Wealthtender to offer people a better way to discover and connect with the most reputable and influential voices in the finance community. We’re helping people find the best personal finance blogs for their individual needs.

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    Ready to shine bright? Wealthtender will publish articles and guides throughout the year showcasing highly rated finance blogs and podcasts across various categories to help the media and more people discover the best financial education content online. From saving money to side hustles, niche sites to the most popular podcasts and everything in between, we’re here to help you stand out and get noticed.

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    Proud of what you’ve accomplished? So are we! Wealthtender rewards blog and podcast owners with digital badges for milestones and accomplishments we believe are noteworthy. Choose from badges you have earned to display on your Wealthtender profile page. Your badges can be used on your own site as well.

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    Curious? Good! We’re excited to deliver more value and announce additional benefits for members of the Wealthtender Financial Network throughout the year.

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